Would You Like To Be Personally Coached By Me? 

Listen, the truth is that you probably already know how much
I personally value the coaches and mentors in my life.

Ever since I did my first baby push-up under the guidance of
my Uncle Roy, I understood that getting coaches by successful
people – is a shortcut to the top.

If you’re reading this website now, then I’m sure you realize
just how powerful coaching is to becoming a Stronger
Version Of Yourself.

But the fact is that most well-intending journeymen never stop to ask
for help from other, sometimes older (and many times younger), men
also on the journey of Growing Stronger.

There will always be people who come into your life with the soul 
purpose of helping you succeed at becoming a stronger you.  These
people usually have had experiences that you have not yet had.

Wisdom from experience and mastery developed by study and
application is what gives these people bits of insight that may be
helpful to you on your way.

The insight might come in the form of a simple course correction
in your training.  Such as a reminder that although bench pressing
is a great exercise for building chest muscles, it can also work to
destroy your posture…. if not programmed properly.

Or it might be a longer mentorship-type relationship; in which
case the coach may support you as you overcome a crisis of Self,
which has caused you to consider quitting your job in order to
take up the challenge of building your own business.

It can be ANY challenge that you seek to overcome.

The key to finding and working with the right coach for you

Humility is not a very popular word these days.

There are many reasons why people are skeptical about this word,
and I totally get it.

But let me explain how I look at this powerful word – humility.

The difference between a mature Warrior and the immature
Hero is this…

A Hero believes that he can do ANYTHING, and that he needs no
help from anyone else (a very popular way of thinking for many 
of us – Especially now, given the abundance of
free information available online). 

I get it, I’ve been there. 

A Warrior, a seasoned veteran on the road to success, understands
that he has limitations and he needs the help of other people.  This
is the way to Growing Stronger — THIS ROAD LEADS TO MASTERY.

If you consider yourself an advancing man (or woman), and there is
something I can personally help you with, then I invite you to take a humble
Warrior’s attitude and reach out to me. 

I am here to help. 

But we must have an understanding.

Please understand that as a fellow journeyer, my time is well spent doing
lots of very important things to me.  My time is very valuable to my mission,
and to my closest family and friends.

That is not to say that I don’t have time for others, but that my time comes at
a high price.  And you must be willing to make a sacrifice, since I am willing
to sacrifice my time – for you.

To get started, CLICK HERE to complete the payment information for a
1 Hour live, phone or Skype session with me at the rate of $1,000 per hour (you may
choose to add up to 10 hours of coaching).

Upon receiving your payment, you’ll be contacted by my assistant within

You’ll schedule the first of your meetings with me through her, and complete the
necessary assessments and paperwork she sends you before our meeting.

Finally, please be as concise as possible with your reason for our coaching

Looking forward to Growing Stronger together,
Elliott Hulse