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Due to the fact that we get over 1000 e mails per week we can not guarantee an response to your e mail.  Please understand, it is totally impossible to read every e mail.

CUSTOMER SERVICE QUESTIONS - (product issues, refunds, cancellations, returns, etc.) please contact Alain at elliotthelp[at]gmail[dot]com

**Please include your order confirmation number with your ticket**

FITNESS & LIFE QUESTIONS -  Questions of this sort will not be answered via e mail.  There are four options available to you.

1. I personally answer all questions related to fitness, training and life in Strength Camp Nation community forum.

2. Send a YouTube message to one of my channels, depending on what kind of question you have… and I might make you a video response.  Remember, I also get hundreds of questions sent to my YouTube inbox so I can not promise you an answer here either.

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3. Post your question on my Twitter were I try my best to answer question about once a week. I can not guarantee that your question will be answered, but I’ll try my best.

4. Private Coaching Session with Elliott CLICK HERE to complete an application and set an appointment.  (Serious Inquiries ONLY: This is not for everyone, please consider exactly what you would like to discuss with Elliott before applying and paying for your session.)

TRAINING AT STRENGTH CAMP - Right now the only way to become a Strength Camp Gym member is through our strict REFERRAL ONLY policy – or to invest in private coaching with Elliott.

But in order to give everyone a chance to experience Strength Camp I have created two amazing opportunities for you.

1. “Open Gym” is an opportunity for you to train at Strength Camp and also be featured in the Open Gym video series.  Open Gym takes place on most Mondays from 4-6pm (Elliott will post on Twitter on weeks that Open Gym is canceled).

Please be respectful of our time by arriving no earlier than 4:00 and make arrangements to leave by 6:00.

Please print, sign and bring the attached waiver to train at Strength Camp (5514 Haines Rd. St. Petersburg FL 33714).

2. I hold 1-2 Strength Camp Clinics at the gym every year.  You can learn more about these clinics on our Events Page.

BUSINESS & MEDIA REQUESTS - (Product reviews, interview requests, media, gifts, etc) please contact Bethany at elliotthulsebiz[at]gmail[dot]com

Please DO NOT CONTACT US at here for training / life questions OR because you can “help” me grow my business, get more traffic, improve conversions, advertising on my blog, etc.

LOVE AND APPRECIATION - One the best part of my jobs is getting messages from you about how my videos have helped you Grow Stronger.  If you would like to share your success story or just show some love, please post it on my Facebook FanPage or Twitter where I am likely to see it.