Cookie-Cutter Muscle Building Workout

When I first began my career as a personal trainer I would
drive a 45 minute commute to the gym I was working at.

During this long commute I would listen to an audio program
by Brian Tracy titled “The Luck Factor”.

It was through these CDs that I first encountered many of the
“success principles” that I live by and teach today.

I listend to these CDs at least 100 times. I listened to it so
much that I would find myself repeating ideas and phrases
contained in it… in my sleep!

One idea that I memorized was, “You’ve got to imitate before
you can innovate.”

This basically means that when you begin any endeavor it is
best to patiently observe, follow and imitate those who have
more experience than we have in the particular area of interest.

(Like I was doing with Brian Tracy)

Only when we have fully absorbed everything that this person
or system has to offer should we give ourselves permission to
begin creating.

This why is it always best to choose ONE “cookie-cutter” muscle
building or strength training system and FOLLOW it for several
months, perhaps years, before trying another one or creating our

If we are too quick to swap programs or to try and create our
own, we will never EXPERIENCE the, often unseen, power
latent in the program.

Give it time. Give it your patience… and more importantly
give the coach or the program all of your trust for the moment.

Once you understand the program “inside and out” then it will
be natural for you to begin tweaking, manipulating or re-creating
something new for yourself.

Mastery in every area of your life begins with an earnest period
of apprenticeship.

FOLLOW the best before you BECOME the best.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse