Cool story bro…

For the past few months I have been hooked on this
“audible” app for my phone.

It lets me download and listen to audiobooks while I
take my morning walk along the bay, or while training
in the evening.

I mostly choose to listen to books that are either too
long for me to read or ones that I would otherwise not
read, but since its on audio I give them a try.

Anyway, so far I have found that my favorite books are
the ones that contain stories, especially stories about
historical figures.

Robert Greene’s “48 Laws Of Power” and “Mastery”
both come to mind. I’ve listened to them both at least
3x each.

But other great books that contain awesome content,
but do not include stories, never seem to keep my
interest like Robert Greene’s “story infused” books.

The fact is that stories, myths and parables have always
been the most powerful means for sharing ideas.

Humans have used stories for THOUSANDS of years
in order to pass wisdom from one generation to the next.


This is why you’ll often hear me offering subjective
experiences on various topics through my websites or

It adds a personal touch to the information rather than
just repeating academic facts like a robotic university

For example… when I created the Lean Hybrid Muscle
workouts for building lean muscle and burning fat, I could
have told my readers about the studies on human skeletal
muscle about “hybrid muscle fibers” published in
The European Journal of Physiology.

But… besides a few geeks who need numbers to satisfy
their ego before making any decisions, WHO CARES?

Instead, I just told the (true) story about how I had been
using Hybrid Workouts to get great results and how some of
my friends helped gather research about WHY it worked so
well, and encouraged me to write a book about it.

Like it or not… the story is much COOLER than the facts
(although the story also contains the facts).

A large part of growing stronger consists of sharing your
ideas and supporting others on their journey.

And stories are one of the best ways to have a positive
impact on their lives.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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