CRAVE Sugar (or other crap)?

Before today’s lesson, I feel obligated to remind you
about the Lean Hybrid Muscle Certification we’re
holding in a few months.

Space is limited so be sure to get you application in
as soon as you can :)


Now, about those nasty sugar cravings!

If you’re anything like me, there are times when you
seem almost hypnotized by sugar cravings.

It’s like the sugar is a drug and you can’t help but
obsess over it until you finally stuff your face with
cookies or some other sugary garbage.

When these cravings hit… will power is not enough!

As it turns out, you may actually have a hormone
imbalance that is causing you to crave sugar and go
on sugar binges.

Here is an article that might help you understand
what’s really going on.

I used to think that people should just “toughen up”
in order to get over the sugar cravings (and they
still should).

But now I understand WHY these cravings happen
and how to cut them off at the pass.

I think you’ll like this article:
Eliminate Sugar Craving by Mike Geary

Keep Growing Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – Thanks for your feedback on yesterday’s e mail.

It looks like most of you much rather have hard copy
books and DVDs rather than digital e book and videos.

I’ll be working full time over the next few months to
upgrade some of my products and offer them to you
in a hard copy edition.

If you already have a digital copy of my last few
programs (Anabolic Energizers, Muscle Viruses or
Program Design, you’ll get notified of the free
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  1. I’m glad I read your post before the sale was over. I too struggle with crazy sugar cravings from time to time. I’ve read some of Geary’s stuff before and really like it; so I’ll definitely be picking up a copy. Thanks for bringing the birthday sale to our attention, Elliot.

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