“Build Muscle / Spread Love” (crazy musician transformation)

Check out these pics (and super empowering message) sent
to me this morning by one of our friends, DiViNCi the “maniac

(My response can be found below)

Yo Elliott,

I must let you know that I love what you do!

Not just because you’re programs transformed me.

But because I feel kindred to you in approach and otherwise.

You are what I aspire to see more of in the world and what I
myself go out every day and cultivate.

I’m a musician but really I use art as a way to better myself and
inspire others to raise the stock in greatness in the world.

Most of all I wanted to say thank you for doing what you do
in the way that you do it and being an encouragement for me
through reaffirmation.. I see you homie!

PeaCe & LuV
DiViNCi of SoS

PS – I’ve also used ur fitness program as well.

During the last year of this transformation though I was
following ur program among a few other things.

Thank you!

Yo DiViCNi,

You are 100% about being The Strongest YOU, and empowering
others brother!

What you’re doing is what Strength Camp is all about, and I’m
super proud to have taken part in your journey.

Keep growing stronger, getting leaner, feeling better, and spreading
the light though your gifts, music and life.

Bless Up,

CHECK OUT DiViCNi ripping it up in this YouTube video.
I love how anmiated he is! 



First, I have to mention that I’m impressed with DiViCNi, not only
because of his commitment, devotion and discipline to growing
stronger, looking better and raising his vitality…

I also love how he uses his gift of music to spread the good vibes
and bring love, wisdom and power into the lives of others.

This is the complete approach to KINGSHIP.

What a transformation! 

In three years our friend went from obese, to skinny fat, to jacked.

From what I understand DiViCNi took up the challenge to lose
weight in order to transform his body and life.

It seems he lost a ton of fat in the first year, and he begins to look
amazing by the second year.

But it wasn’t until the third year that the clear and powerful
impact of strength training really began to shape him. 

I’m not 100% sure which of my programs DiViCNi followed to begin
getting jacked and ripped… but it is so obvious by the pictures above
that by 2014 he added lifting to his routine.

Everyone’s story is a little different, but each one of us on the journey
of growing stronger eventually discovers a new tool, which reveals
a new strength, that takes us full-stride towards attaining our goal.

For DiViCNi, it was building muscle.

For you, it might mean doing more cardio.

Or eating less sugar.

Or drinking more water.

Or getting more sleep.

Or eating more fiber.

Or eliminating alcohol.

Or… whatever.

Sometimes it just takes a tiny tweak to your program to set
your results on fire.

Sometimes we just need a little piece of advice, a small suggestion,
or a bit of encouragement and accountability to get where we’re

That is exactly what I hoped to give you with all of the YouTube
videos I’ve created over the years.

And it’s exactly what Strength Camp Online Coaching is all about. 

When our coaches assess your current situation, your goals, and
where you seem to be getting stuck… we can then offer you some
suggestions or an exact plan to help you SHINE.

Whether you want to lose weight and get ripped like our buddy
DiViCNi… or you want to deadlift 700 lbs.

We are here to support you :)

Strength Camp Online Coaching has been closed for the last
six months as we have been working with everyone who signed
up with us last Spring, though this summer.

Next week we will be opening the doors again, but to only the first
100 people who register.

Have a great weekend, and know that we’re looking out for you…
this is what we love to do!

Keep growing stronger,
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