Creatine & Squats (mass gaining Q and A)

I literally get dozens of e mails, Facebook messages and
YouTube questions sent to me every single day.

Honestly, I wish I could field all of these questions and
support everyone who seeks out my advice… but it’s

But that does NOT mean you should stop sending me

Lots of times I read these questions and archive them in
order to answer them at a later time, or though a video.

I’ve also decided to add a new Q and A”feature” to my
Facebook fanpage and this newsletter.

This is where I’ll randomly grab questions that you send
me and then answer them in these public platforms.

That way I can help you out personally, and support others
who have the same question. — cool?

Here is the first question from a guy who wants to gain
mass with creatine and squats.


Good questions…

First, I LOVE creatine.

In fact, right now I would say that it is the ONLY muscle
building supplement worth using.

Even whey protein has dropped off my list. I haven’t used
whey from almost a year and do not miss it at all.

(I’ll tell you more about why I quit whey and why I think
it sucks in another newsletter).

But creatine has never let me down and I have always
gotten good, clean strength building results from using it.

Now, to be honest I am not much of a supplement connoisseur
so whatever advice I give you is only based on my experience.

I have never used any form of creatine that did not work.

So the one your brother left is probably just fine.

A few years ago, when I was competing in strongman, I was
sponsored by a company that makes Hypergain Creatine.

Back then I used it because it was free :)

Now I continue to use it because it still works. But that’s all.
I am not attached to any of the marketing claims, etc.

I just use it because I get results. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

You can do some research of your own to find a creatine that
you like, use the one your brother left, or you can try the one
I use
. It’s up to you.

About how many squats and dead lifts to gain mass….

My short answer is, A LOT.

Gaining 25 lbs is no small feat my friend…

…and if you are already asking yourself, “how much of this must I do?
then you’re starting off with the wrong attitude.

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s message, you’re going to have
to build some patience and consistency in your approach,
BEFORE you reap long-term, permanent success.

How many reps and sets is a simple question with a simple
answer (that I’ve answered in many videos)

How much of this must I do?……Is a shortsighted and naive question.

It will take as much as it takes…

…if you’re willing to keep working and never give up.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse


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