CrossFit McDonalds (not lovin’ it)

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see or hear some
“fitness goo-roo” ranting about how much they hate

First, it’s always easier to dish out hate when you’re
not confident in your own skills, passion, talents and

Of course these fitness know-it-all’s will defend
themselves by saying, “Crossfit is dangerous and
it’s my job to tell people – blah, blah, blah.”

Haters always mask their hatefulness as something
benevolent. They think their “saving” you by pointing
out the sinful.

Hate is hate, no matter how you slice it.

I say mind your fucking business, be creative, explore
and share your experiences with others.

It’s the same with companies like McDonald’s.

People hate on McDonald’s because they say their
food is bad.

But what The Righteous often forget is that McDonald’s
is providing a great value to their customers.

Everyone knows that McDonald’s food is of poor quality.

People don’t go to McDonald’s because they’re trying to
lose weight or get healthy.

They go to McDonald’s because McDonald’s offers them
fast food at a cheap price.

The value is in SPEED and PRICE. Not the food quality.

So if McDonald’s stays in business, it’s because they are
obviously offering great value to their customers.

No need to hate McDonald’s or their customers.

If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. Drop the hate.

Crossfit is exploding all over the world…

…just like McDonald’s did.

They’re exploding in popularity because they offer the
perfect value for what their customers want.

Crossfit promises to make you sweat your balls off
and throw up after workouts.

Heck, they even BRAG about getting injuries.

And people love it!

Crossfit never promises “a better balanced and
physiologically sound exercise program that follows
principles of progressive overload, etc”

And apparently their customers don’t give a shit about
that stuff anyway.

If you’re like me, then you DO care about geeky fitness
parameters and designing sound programs.

That’s our business. And if our customers want that
stuff they’ll ignore Crossfit and follow us.

But, there is no reason to hate Crossfit.

Unless…. you feel threatened by them.

And I’m sure THAT is what all the hate is about.

Crossfit is like McDonald’s and you’re feeling like
Burger King.

Get over it, and grow up!

By pointing out how evil Crossfit is you are shining
a big bright light on how inept, incapable and impotent
you are to compete with them.

Like I’ve said… leave Crossfit alone and work on building
you’re own unique brand and value by doing something

Burger King will always play second fiddle to McDonald’s
because it’s the same shit in a different package… and
Micky D’s does it better.

But neither of them can hold a candle to Ruth’s Chris
Steakhouse or Cheesecake Factory.

Instead of hating others… get better at what YOU do.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. I understand the message, hate only hurts the hater and theres much better stuff to spend time on.. but i think people are allowed to warn others about the negative aspects of something, if nobody did it about macdonalds a lot more people would be still eating that shit.. i think that when it comes to food, making it a business on feeding people the worst possible thing in order to have better profit should be regulated if not prohibited, its not good value at all.
    In terms of crossfit, i don’t even get it, there are negative aspects in every sport, for example, i love motocross, do you think i will stop because i can get hurt ? i don’t even care about that, the risk is part of the sport and exactly what makes it awesome, or else we would all be lifting pink dumbbels in a slow and controlled manner :)

  2. Its not “cross fit” itself that breeds negativity, but the greater than though persona’s that have bubbled up in the CF community. I don’t know how many arguments I’ve heard past week alone how Olympians arn’t ‘that’ strong and there only specialized in their sport. How if put up to a “master” cross fitter the olympian would get smoked… and I say Really ??

    Or things like Reebok sponsorship, Cross fit clothes and shoes, ridiculous gym fees in certain areas, etc. I LOVE the idea of functional fitness, resistance circuit training, using gymnastics moves and constant variety. But to package it up as this elite club/sport and put it on a pedestal above everybody is ridiculous.

  3. Yo Elliot…

    I’m looking to get an online cert and wanted to know what you think of ISSA. It’s covered by my G.I. Bill, but I’ve heard both the good and bad about the cert and the job opportunities it may/may not offer.

  4. Elliot, I can’t even explain to you how much you have opened my eyes and how influential you have been to me. So, first I must thank you for your service. Every video or blog you post is, like a key unlocking new knowledge, whether it’s about thoracic extension or an inspirational video for tough times. My 70 year old grandmother loves you and was “glad that are still people like you in the world.” Now, my grandmother is the wisest person I have ever met and if you have a question about “life”, she is the go to lady. She’s reads hundreds of books about philosophy, psychology, astrology, religion and spirituality, etc. (She actually dedicated one whole year of her life to “finding herself” and quit her job, took tai-chi and learned how actually breathe, paid the year’s worth of bills and did nothing but read, sleep in, and whatever she pleased.) She has been the best mentor of my life. What you are doing, offering people a vast, well-rounded bundle of knowledge and inspiration is just, lost for words. It’s a very sad and confused world out there and you, through every person that comes across what you have to share, one by one “shedding some light in this void of existence.” Just like you, I’m intrigued by the mind just as much, if not more so, as I am with the body. Sick mind=sick body and sick body=sick mind. In my short 19 years, I’ve seen some real hurt and sadness in the world and in some of the people I love the dearest. But, at the end of the day I remember that as humans we are all capable of and were created from one thing: love. And for those who have gone without, I remember that I was given a gift to heal with my love. Well, anyways i went off on a rant there, but I’m just thanking you and congratulating you on what you have accomplished. You’re one of a kind, Elliot. Thank you.

  5. Post

    Wow Julian,

    This is one of the coolest things that anyone ever shared in a blog comment with me.

    Thank you SO much.

    And it sounds like you have an awesome role model in your grandmother.

    I was just thinking last night about how I’m so committed to continual expansion that when I’m old I’ll still be learning new things, having new experiences, meeting new people and growing just as I am now.

    Your grandmother is just like us…. becoming the strongest version of herself… and NEVER quitting the journey.

    Best regards,

  6. I’m not sure if you know much about the whole astrology thing, if not, you should check it out. It’ll blow your mind how accurately it can actually describe you. According to my grandmother’s astrology “chart,” she’s learned all 9 lessons in her “past lives” and she’s returned with purpose: service to others, a teacher. It’d be cool to do your “chart” Elliot. Actually, haha, if you could send me your full name, birthday, time and place of birth my grandmother could put it together for you. If you’re comfortable with that. Some day, when the finances approve of it, I’d like make a trip out to strengthcamp and meet you man.

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