Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up

I’ve created this blog post to accompany my “Daily Bio-Energizers Warm Up Routine” video posted on YouTube.

This routine is designed to prepare you for your daily activities or to be done as a pre-workout warm up routine.  I personally use it for both, and often perform some of the individual exercises several times though out the day.

Inspiration for this routine comes from my decades of experience as an athlete, personal trainer and strength coach.  I’ve borrowed exercises from Alexander Lowen’s Energetic Exercises, OSHO’s Dynamic Meditation as well as several dynamic flexibility and mobility routines that I have used as an athlete for many years.

There are 3 parts to this routine.

Part one consists of three Energizing Exercises.  The Bow, Ground Reach and Shake & Vibrate.

The purpose of these exercises is to energize the body with oxygen and break up common muscular armoring of the neck, chest, shoulder, stomach, pelvic floor, legs and feet.

Part two consists of five Orienting Exercises.  The Trust Reach, Deep Knee Bend, Roll Over Reach, The Scorpion and 90 / 90 stretch.

The purpose of these exercises is to “orient”, or perpare, the nervous and muscular system for the Primal Pattern movements that we’ll be doing though out the day and during our workout.

Part three is The Warrior Pound (or Ground Pound). 

You’ll notice that this exercise in reminiscent of Native American dances and even common battle preparation behavior exhibited by ancient armies.  The purpose of this exercise is to “ground” your energy, focus your intent and energize you for your day or activities.

** NOTE ** a common objection to using this routine is “I look and sounds silly” or “those around me will object, they’ll think I’m crazy!”. 

To that I say… first, if I can do this on YouTube and broadcast it for tens of thousands of people to see, then you can suck-it-up and do it in front of the neurotic strangers at your gym or your friends.

Be a BOSS.  This means that you do what you know to be helpful and right for you, regardless of what small minded people think or say.  When you are a BOSS, people follow you… instead of you following the dictates of others.  You’re BOSSNESS is strong when you notice that the people who first laughed at you begin to imitate you.

Practice being a boss with these exercises.

The Bow

Ground Reach

Shake & Vibrate

Trust Reach

Deep Knee Bend


The Scorpion

90 / 90 Stretches

Warrior Pound (Ground Pound)

I invite you to begin using this routine right away.

Here is another video that will support the building of your Energetic Strength also.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse