Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up

I’ve created this blog post to accompany my “Daily Bio-Energizers Warm Up Routine” video posted on YouTube.

This routine is designed to prepare you for your daily activities or to be done as a pre-workout warm up routine.  I personally use it for both, and often perform some of the individual exercises several times though out the day.

Inspiration for this routine comes from my decades of experience as an athlete, personal trainer and strength coach.  I’ve borrowed exercises from Alexander Lowen’s Energetic Exercises, OSHO’s Dynamic Meditation as well as several dynamic flexibility and mobility routines that I have used as an athlete for many years.

There are 3 parts to this routine.

Part one consists of three Energizing Exercises.  The Bow, Ground Reach and Shake & Vibrate.

The purpose of these exercises is to energize the body with oxygen and break up common muscular armoring of the neck, chest, shoulder, stomach, pelvic floor, legs and feet.

Part two consists of five Orienting Exercises.  The Trust Reach, Deep Knee Bend, Roll Over Reach, The Scorpion and 90 / 90 stretch.

The purpose of these exercises is to “orient”, or perpare, the nervous and muscular system for the Primal Pattern movements that we’ll be doing though out the day and during our workout.

Part three is The Warrior Pound (or Ground Pound). 

You’ll notice that this exercise in reminiscent of Native American dances and even common battle preparation behavior exhibited by ancient armies.  The purpose of this exercise is to “ground” your energy, focus your intent and energize you for your day or activities.

** NOTE ** a common objection to using this routine is “I look and sounds silly” or “those around me will object, they’ll think I’m crazy!”. 

To that I say… first, if I can do this on YouTube and broadcast it for tens of thousands of people to see, then you can suck-it-up and do it in front of the neurotic strangers at your gym or your friends.

Be a BOSS.  This means that you do what you know to be helpful and right for you, regardless of what small minded people think or say.  When you are a BOSS, people follow you… instead of you following the dictates of others.  You’re BOSSNESS is strong when you notice that the people who first laughed at you begin to imitate you.

Practice being a boss with these exercises.

The Bow

Ground Reach

Shake & Vibrate

Trust Reach

Deep Knee Bend


The Scorpion

90 / 90 Stretches

Warrior Pound (Ground Pound)

I invite you to begin using this routine right away.

Here is another video that will support the building of your Energetic Strength also.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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  1. Few quick questions – I’ve heard stretching before working out is bad, would the stretching in this be detrimental in anyway?
    Also, due to time constraints, would it be plausible to just do the energizing or ‘part one’ part before working out?
    And I’m also really interested in this type of stuff (bioenergetics?) since you started posting about it – can you point me toward more information on your own site/channel or elsewhere?

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    1. Stretching before training is NOT bad… It’s a myth in my opinion. I talk all about why in several videos (I might make a new one) as well as in my Muscle Virus Solution course.

    2. Yea, be as creative as you wish. But it is best to use all of the exercises at least once a day… only takes about 10 mins.

    3. Not too many people talking about this. I’ll be posting regularly about it on my STRENGTHOLOGY blog and youtube channels soon. In the meantime, read Lowen and Reich’s books.

  3. The shake and vibrate, or silly dance is possibly the best warm-up routine before any lifting/ training. The mental benefits of acting like a child takes away all forms of hindrance, this in turn allows the body to really get into the natural, un-patterned movements of the exercise. The body can now function un-bridaled. This reduces the chance of injury.

  4. Hi Elliott, can you show us some exercises to increase mental focus for strenous mental activity? I’m a writer and translator working by my computer for 8hrs/day and sometimes I have a problem concentrating. Any small (or big)exercises to reset my mind and get focused again?

  5. Im a runner nd i have problem with my shins because im flate footed wht can i do to make them stronger.. Wht can i buy beside insoldes nd anything related with flate feet wht r benfits nd disadvices.. Im into fits nd also workout .. Sorry for the spelling mistakes

  6. hi mate, i have lower back pain when i bend back from a standing position, im pretty sure its because i have an anterior pelvic tilt, should i do the bow exercise or not?

  7. Thank You Elliot.
    I have one question though:
    I’ve been doing your anabolic energizers until now so if I do BIO-ENERGIZER WARM UP is there need for me to continue doing anabolic energizers?
    Thanks for everything
    Keep doing good work :)

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    Try limiting how far you extend. I’ll add more videos with more charging exercise options soon.

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    They might provide 2 totally different responses… mainly the AE routine stimulates the parasympathetic (anabolic), and this BE routine stimulates the sympathetic.

    A good routine would be to use AE at night and BE in the morning.

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    THIS is is baby! When you use these in between writing sessions your focus and energy will skyrocket!

    I personally use The Bow several times a day in between work sessions.

  11. the third exercise is like the chaotic breathing in the first stage of meditation, to loosen,
    I am not your typical viewer (woman 46). Did Taekwon-Do for 30 years and today I have osteoarthritis in my knees and want to cry when I see your videos because I want to do everything you do (well most of it and adapted to my physical potential). I do very little now but NOT giving up. I think my situation is teaching me to use the martial arts principles to conquer my own fears about my limitations and keep pressing to new levels, and understanding that kicking and punching was a face and the real martial artist integrates his/her knowledge to fight off the evils of internal self limitations. (That is what this video reflected me back) My son admires you and is a personal trainer himself and studying to become a physEd teacher. This video is fantastic. Thank you !

  12. Cool! Do existing Muscle Virus customers automagically get updates on new versions?

  13. Master “Black Jesus” Hulse,…
    Just one coment:
    God dammned!!You’re so fucking brilliant!!How much is your IQ???500???!!!
    I just don’t envy you, ’cause envy is a “negative thing” normally found in “week” people!!!As I’m following your teachings to be the “strongest” version of myself I have to stay away from that kind of feeling,hehehe!!
    Thanks a looot for this little bit more of your wisdom,Master!!
    Keep more fantastic stuff coming!!
    Your friend and fan,

  14. Hi Elliot! I just finished the exercises and I feel great. I usually listen to Native American flute or drum music in the morning, so this was playing on in the background, and it totally helped jazz me up. Thanks so much :)


  15. Hi Elliott,
    I’m in the process of re-gaining my strength and flexibility after 3 years of chronic pelvic and back problems. I’m particularly keen to improve my core strength but do feel quite fragile in this area. These movements are too advanced for me at this time. Is it worth me doing what fraction of the movements I can or do they need to be executed fully to be beneficial?

  16. Hey Elliot I don’t know if I missed it but how long should I do these stretches for? I know u said a minute for the shake and vibrate. Thanks for all the knowledge you pass on to us

  17. Thanks Elliott. My back keeps “going out” on me. My core is strong but I often forget to stretch and “pop” my lower back after sitting at the computer. I think this routine might be just what I need.

  18. Ena, I’d be curious to see how many of us there are! I’m female and nearly 48 and Elliott’s philosophy resonates heavily with me in so many ways.

  19. Elliot, would you suggest doing these before or after your first meal in the morning?

  20. How do you incorporate the anabolic energizers into this routine or your day? I see that these are completely different movements.

  21. Hey Elliot, you keep impressing me with the exercises that you share with us. Keep up the awesome job that you always do!

  22. This warm up routine is excellent. Even if a person doesn’t have time to spend 10 minutes on it, doing each of the exercises for just 30 seconds is still invigorating.

    For those who are worried about stretching before exercising, they can just do the deeper stretches for 2-3 seconds in each position…like lying back on the 90/90 for guys with tight quads. Just hold it for a few seconds, then go forward, then repeat.

    Watch how your dog or cat stretches. 2-3 seconds per stretch, and they’re ready to run.

  23. Elliot ,

    I am going to do this Bio-Energizer Warm Up as soon as I wake up in the morning. I cant wait to see how I feel after it.

    I would also like to show this to my Rugby league team mates and l will even try get all of the team to get in a circle a preform the Bio-Energizer Warm Up just before when play against another team ! would this be a good warm up before a game to get the team pumped ?? ( PS we have being struggling to get wins lately :( and I feel the team needs a bit more confidence and energy to preform at our best)

    Thanks Elliot ,

  24. Hey Elliot, I’ve been training for about 11 years now. I have done lots of programs such as p90x, stronglifts, and just got you hybrid training which I’m gonna be starting next week. My question is through stretching and even yoga I have never been able to touch my toes and was wondering if you have any advice on how to achieve this. I’m 32 years old 6’0 205lbs. Thanx!!

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  26. Hi Elliot,

    I just wanna thank you for this warm-up,I’m always trying to get my muscles a good prep, but it seemed that it was’nt deep enough(that I was just hitting some muscles and joints, not the entire body).
    I have to say however that I’ll have to turn my MP3 music very (VERY) lound to be cranked up and perform these moves in my gym, since it’s stack with dudes..
    Look forward to hear from you!!
    Much appreciation, from Canada,Montreal city.

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  28. I just watched this video and the one on The Truth about builiding muscle series. And voila! I understood how I beat myself so much, training hard and not giving myself the time to recoup adding the stress of trying to be the perfect mom and being for everyone, working two jobs, volunteering, and then BANG! My knees said NO MORE. Now I bearly walk. I am limping, and feel like an old lady. A month ago I was training hard and then this. I am spending “me” time in the physTher and massage. I guess I chose the wrong way to pay attention to me. Tomorrow morning will start with this series of exercises, now that I feel much better but not the same as before. Things changed. Thank you Elliot. I am on my way to a new me!

  29. I am late in thanking you for this- I have done similar routines before combat conditioning or grappling, but I liked the order of how you put these exercises together! I am doing this at 4am when I start my coaching day, and again at 3pm when I usually hit that afternoon slump before my evening sessions begin-no more 3rd cup of strong coffee.

  30. Would it decrease effectiveness doing these within a short time period(a few hours) of anabolic energizers? Say I did this pre-workout and then wanted to do AE’s and meditate after my workout?
    And thanks for sharing!

  31. Hey Elliott, is it normal for you to feel dizzy or light headed right after specifically the bow, bend over bow, and the shake and vibrate? These exercises work great but I’m just curious.

    Thank you!

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    My IQ sucks… in fact I was put into “special ed” classes in elementary school. lol

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    Yes. Do the ones you can and slowly move towards the ones you have problems with… but I would encourage you not to omit them all together. good luck!

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    60 seconds for the static-like ones, and the ground pound. I posted an image on my facebook wall that has all the parameters.. I might post it here soon too. thanks!

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    YES! this would be great… on rugby player told me that the ground pound reminded him of the “Haka” that the New Zealand rugby team does before games.

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    Actually this would be great to add before doing Anabolic Energizers… it would follow the “orgasitc wave” of charging then relaxation. Good idea!

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