Daily Bio-Energizer Warm Up

I’ve created this blog post to accompany my “Daily Bio-Energizers Warm Up Routine” video posted on YouTube.

This routine is designed to prepare you for your daily activities or to be done as a pre-workout warm up routine.  I personally use it for both, and often perform some of the individual exercises several times though out the day.

Inspiration for this routine comes from my decades of experience as an athlete, personal trainer and strength coach.  I’ve borrowed exercises from Alexander Lowen’s Energetic Exercises, OSHO’s Dynamic Meditation as well as several dynamic flexibility and mobility routines that I have used as an athlete for many years.

There are 3 parts to this routine.

Part one consists of three Energizing Exercises.  The Bow, Ground Reach and Shake & Vibrate.

The purpose of these exercises is to energize the body with oxygen and break up common muscular armoring of the neck, chest, shoulder, stomach, pelvic floor, legs and feet.

Part two consists of five Orienting Exercises.  The Trust Reach, Deep Knee Bend, Roll Over Reach, The Scorpion and 90 / 90 stretch.

The purpose of these exercises is to “orient”, or perpare, the nervous and muscular system for the Primal Pattern movements that we’ll be doing though out the day and during our workout.

Part three is The Warrior Pound (or Ground Pound). 

You’ll notice that this exercise in reminiscent of Native American dances and even common battle preparation behavior exhibited by ancient armies.  The purpose of this exercise is to “ground” your energy, focus your intent and energize you for your day or activities.

** NOTE ** a common objection to using this routine is “I look and sounds silly” or “those around me will object, they’ll think I’m crazy!”. 

To that I say… first, if I can do this on YouTube and broadcast it for tens of thousands of people to see, then you can suck-it-up and do it in front of the neurotic strangers at your gym or your friends.

Be a BOSS.  This means that you do what you know to be helpful and right for you, regardless of what small minded people think or say.  When you are a BOSS, people follow you… instead of you following the dictates of others.  You’re BOSSNESS is strong when you notice that the people who first laughed at you begin to imitate you.

Practice being a boss with these exercises.

The Bow

Ground Reach

Shake & Vibrate

Trust Reach

Deep Knee Bend


The Scorpion

90 / 90 Stretches

Warrior Pound (Ground Pound)

I invite you to begin using this routine right away.

Here is another video that will support the building of your Energetic Strength also.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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  1. Yo Elliott, Just wanted to say thanks a heap man tried all this stuff out Ever since watching your vids started to not care about the “normal” or “average” human lifestyle or training routine, this works amazing, Im considering flying over to the states and coming into your gym just to meet you and train with you personally some time and go back knowing some stuff, This is great. and i highly recommend everyone try it,

    Want to be strong? Do the things the strength guru’s like elliot TMW and scooby have said,

    want to be a shrimp like everyone else? continue what you’re doing.

    Big ups man (Y) (Y)



  2. Yo Elliott! Tried this workout this morning before my 2nd day of my new job and I can feel energy surging up through my legs, ass and up my back! The last exercise, the Warrior Pound, man that shit really pumps me up. Thanks a million for these, gonna use the Bow throughout the day to keep me focused at work.

  3. Dear Elliott,
    The bow seems an important part of the warm up, but i have an anterior bulge, so I guess I shouldn’t do it, or should I? And can I do all the other exercises from this Bio Energizer Workout? I am looking forword hearing from you!

  4. Post

    Try exending at the hips instead of the low back by pressing your fists into your glutes instead.

  5. I’ve been doing this for about two days now, I started laughing like crazy when everyone in the gym started looking at me and then I told a couple people about this routine. Now 5 people in the gym I go to is doing it with me. I also feel like i’m in rage mode after I do this, I feel pumped up and crazy just like in high school before a football game.

  6. Post
  7. well crap, I’m ok with all of your warm-ups except the last one (warrior pound), which hurts my kneecaps a lot. Thanks for these Elliot!!

  8. hey ell your information helps alot i just started doing old man strength instead of normal gym weights and dude you are the man it changes.my whole thinking and skeleton body structure,,

  9. Hey Elliot,

    Thanks for sharing – this is a very cool routine! Just a quick question on the breathing. Can you please explain the rationale behind breathing through the mouth? I’ve always been taught to never breath in through the mouth. Appreciate any clarification you can provide!

  10. Post


    Yea, in a world of sympathetic overload it is a great idea to nose breathe since it stimulates the parasympatheic…. but with this exercise the aim is to CHARGE the body with energy though stress.

    By mouth breathing deeply while in The Bow position we force a “stress” response that energizes the body in order to prepare for the rest of the warm up, day and workout.

  11. Yo Elliot! i get a lot of cracking/popping in my right knee when coming up from the deep squat. its not painful (yet) but there is a grinding/tearing sound that i also get when doing low squats. seems as though my instantaneous axis of rotation (IAR) is off. any stretches/workouts that i could do to get my IAR back on track?! i would like to take care of the issue before it becomes a problem. thanks for everything you do! – Adam

  12. i was having trouble focussing for finals, and i hadn’t studied for my corporations law and it was the day before. i found this bio-energetic workout the night before, did it, and i ended up having so much focus is was ridiculous. i dead set studied for about 6 hours straight haha. then another 3 hours at night! and i did alright in the test haha.

    fuck man, i’m doing this shit every day. loving it. you’ve opened up a new door to me elliot. i live in australia, and i’m already planning my 2014 trip to the states (florida i presume) to attend your strengthology seminars. i’ve been a follower for a long time. i just did the warm up for today, now im pumped!!!!!!!

    LOVE YOU BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hey Elliot , I love your videos. As an individual I have been getting stronger everyday, mentally and physically thanks to you. I just want to thank you. I have incorporated this warm up before I train and it really works! Im starting to advise everyone I know to do this ! Strength Camp till I die.

  14. Elliot. Enjoyed the new book. I am not a trainer or anything of the sort. But I enjoy self learning on the topic of S&C and putting them into practive. That being said, I was curious on the difference in philosophy with Pavel and John, on the number of days that you focus on your core lifts, Deadlift and the Press. They both discuss in Power To The People and Easy Strength, to do the core lifts as many days as possible, lets say 3-5 days. In your workout you are really only hitting those core lifts once. Is it to allow for more time on the gymnastics? Not a critique, just curious on your view of their philosophy versus what you say in GSM.

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  16. i so glad i saw this, this is such a great morning energizer. love all these exercises. will definitely be adding these into the mix. i also have a morning “kundalini quickie” that i like to do.

    (also, female 42 yrs for my girls taking the poll)

  17. Steven. If that was a question geared to me then I would say Power to the People or as some call it PTP or PTTP. Easy Strength is an excellent book as it has a lot to offer, but nothing beats PTTP for it’s simplicity sake. If you are fairly well versed in S&C then Easy Strength is great as it offers a lot of info and insight into different stages of our lives and our goals.

  18. Yo, Elliott, thanks for all the great stuff you pass along – everything from the bioenergetics and Atlas info to tips on improving my lifting to encouraging me to re-read Emerson!! I am another among the ladies above who is probably not your typical audience member but who absolutely loves your holistic approach to strength. I’ve always thought of strength training as one important part of becoming “the strongest version of myself” — yes, in those exact words. Can’t thank you enough!

    My question: During the first two exercises, are you breathing exclusively through your mouth? I found that REALLY hard to do. My body really wanted to inhale through my nose and exhale through the mouth. Inhaling through the mouth felt almost like I was suffocating – yikes!!

    Thanks again. -T

  19. Hey, Elliot is it normal for me to have gagging reflexes with doing the bow and the ground reach, other than that awesome stuff!!!

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  21. Just tried this for the first time. Been feeling stressed and anxious recently as I am going to Australia this week to go travelling for a year. Got lots to sort, people to say bye to you name it. Could feel how I felt tight up and weak from the stress. Not how I want to feel just before I go travelling on my own.

    Performed all the exercises and feel 100 times better. Did the final ground and pound with some native american music. Ly-o-lay-ale-loya to be precise. Was insane, I was totally transported and literally felt this immense sense of primalness as my best description. Just raw simple emotions. I cant explain it properly but all the stresses (which for me a modern day ones) just evaporated and I was just a cave man again. I led on the floor after and didnt think a anything. Just led there. It was liberating. Going to look into meditation a lot more after this experience. Thanks!

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