How To Destroy Self Doubt Forever!

Believe it or not… Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse often
(very often) struggles with self-doubt.

In fact, just last night I was in an all out war with it!

But I always win.

How do I destroy self doubt when it shows its ugly face?

First, I go straight to my library of books and resources
for two things.

#1 – Resources that inspire me to pull myself out of the
slump. These are usually spiritual books or poetry.

Sometimes they’re books written by other artists or
experts who have gone through the same types of battles
that I am currently facing.

#2 – Professional resources that confirm or build my
knowledge in the area that I am struggling. These are
books about strength, physiology, psychology or

Theses are often technical and educational books that
give me the knowledge to succeed (and be the best) in
my area of expertise.

Have you ever struggled with self doubt?

If so, how do you arm yourself in order to WIN the

Do you have a resource library containing dozens or
even hundreds of books that motivate, inspire and
educate you?

If not… then you should begin adding these resources
to your library today.

Here are a list of resources that I’ve created for you:

Fitness Training Education:

Lean Hybrid Muscle Building

Superior Program Design

Fitness Business Education:

Warehouse Gym Business Course

Passion Cash Control

Motivation & Inspiration (amazon books):

The War or Art

The Essential Writings Of Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here are some comforting words from The War of Art book
that I recommend above, it was just the thing I needed to
read last night before going to sleep.

We’re Growing Stronger Together,
Elliott Hulse

PS – a question for you… do you enjoy reading and viewing
my books and resources online (like e books, etc)? — or would
you rather have them as a hard copy product (real books, dvds)?

Personally, I like hard copy stuff… but I want to make sure
that I create things in the format that you prefer.

If you have a moment, just reply to this post (below) and let me know.

Thanks :)

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  1. yo Elliot !!! I really love having a good, hard, heavy book in my hands to take places with me. I much rather chill in a park or a beach than have to sit at my lousy computer and screw up my back !!! Thanks !!!

  2. Elliott. I like hard copy as it is more portable and not relient on a power source – other than me. I like it with photos displaying the major phases/position of the exercise so I don’t have to depend on the PC to get a video/ Links can be provided as they are easy to type into the url space.

  3. Would much rather have a hard copy. Portability aside it just feels more secure to have it in your hands. I don’t trust computers not to self destruct and delete stuff!!

  4. hard copy, no 0’s and 1’s and electronic stuff, you know we like it old school, thanks for everything big ell

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