Dinner with Elliott (save this date)

Hey, Colleen and I are getting ready to travel this weekend
(without the four rugrats!).

We’re attending Dave Ruel “The Muscle Cook’s” wedding in
Dominican Republic.

Should be a great time. I’ll take pics and post on my Facebook
and Instagram for you.

Speaking of having fun…

…I have been really enjoying the Yo Elliott Live events where
I get to meet you in person and share ideas with you that might
help on your journey of Growing Stronger.

In fact, I enjoy meeting and learning about you so much that I’d
like to eat dinner and hang out with you for an entire evening.

That is why YOU are invited to join me and 49 other men and
women who are Growing Stronger together at the next Yo Elliott
Live in Miami.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 2.49.19 PM

Not only will we “mastermind” together about the journey of
strength, but we’ll share a meal together at one of the best
all-you-can-eat steakhouses in Miami.

It’s all included in the price, so once you register you’ll only
have to show up and join us :)

All of the details are here:


This is going to be an awesome, enlightening and fun event
that you will not want to miss. I have a few surprises up my
sleeve also ;)

I can’t wait to meet you in Miami on May 25th!

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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