22 yr old kid drops out of college, Now earns $75K without a job, after watching THIS Yo Elliott video

In January I spent a month doing active meditation at my friends mediation studio in Berlin Germany.

I’ve been spreading the world about active meditations for a few years now, so I wasn’t surprised when I bumped into some Yo Elliott fans at the studio in Berlin.

One evening I walked into the studio and walked passed a young man who arrived a few mins before me.

His eyes caught mine, and he flashed a super surprised smile.

After the session he walked up to me and introduced himself.

“Hi Elliott, my name is Tom and I am 22 years old, and I’m on track to earn $75,000 this year.

Tom went on to explain how he dropped out of college, and started his own business (aka NONJOB), after watching one of my videos.

Now he travels the world, does work he loves and earns more money than his parents.

Tom didn’t do anything magical, mystical or mind-blowing.

He just watched one of my good old Yo Elliott videos.

Got inspired.

Took action.

And achieved victory.

If you’re curious what video Tom watched — It’s titled “ADHD Kid Becomes Millionaire Genius” and you can see it here.  

Below the video you’ll also see an opportunity to join Tom and I in THE REVOLUTION.

The world is changing big time, and so is the way we work and earn money.  Revolutionary times require revolutionary action.  During these changing times you either join the momentum, or get left behind.

If you’re looking for something new.

If you’re looking to take back control of your life.

If you are looking to share you passion and earn amazing profits.

Then you are looking to become a NonJobber… just like me.

Just like Tom.

Watch this video that Tom watched… maybe you’ll be the next dude to drop out of school, quit your job…. and earn more money than your parents, WITHOUT a job.

Keep growing stronger, the world needs you.

E Hulse