He eats 30 bananas a day?

Yesterday a friend sent me this YouTube video
featuring some dude who eats 30 bananas a day.

He claims that this is the best way to get ripped
and strong.

Its sounds a little wacky to me…

…but considering that there are some people who
resort to drinking a gallon of processed milk per
day to gain muscle (they call this the GOMAD
diet), nothing really surprises me anymore.

Anyway, the point of this e mail is not to bash
the monkey and milk muscle dudes on YouTube…

…I actually want to share some of my own “bananas”
with you.

See what Daniele, one of my new Strengthology
students, has to say about our Neuromuscular Strength
home study course (below).

This is the first time anyone has ever compared one of my
programs to a piece of fruit….

…so, I’m quite honored :)

But Daniele is spot on when he described how in just the first
module of Nueormuscular Strength you will learn more about
REAL strength…

…than in 6 months of some other foo-foo muscle guru e-book

The fact is that guys like Daniele, and my other students, are
hard to find.

Most people are content with following the newest training fad
that hits the internet every other month.

They are not true Students Of Strength, who have a deep
fascination with growing stronger and becoming the strongest
version of themselves.

I am ONLY looking for this kind of student.

If you think I’m bullshitting, then you should know that I have
already refunded two wanna-be students who invested in my
program this week.

These guys were just not ready to take the necessary actions
to help us fulfill our bigger mission of growing stronger and
inspiring others.

Please understand THIS…

…I did not create this program to earn a million dollars.

In fact, the money is not important to me at all.

I created this program to draw the real students-of-strength
closer to me, so that we can work together to support the
Strengthology Mission.

If you’re in… let’s go!

You still have a few hours until the door closes on this


Grow Stronger, Inspire Others.
Elliott Hulse

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