The “Electric Deadlift Method” (try this today)

Yesterday I shared a few ideas about just how strong, powerful,
intense and intelligent you will become by simply placing your
intention on the development of the nervous system, rather than
on muscular bulk.

Before I tell you about my Electric Deadlift Method, I will
remind you that the nervous system is what ties together
the first 3 Layers Of Strength.

So, by strengthening your nervous system…

You will not only enhance muscular strength, you will also be
contributing to greater “Physiological Strength” as well as
“Energetic Strength” (or the strength of your mind-body

It is by far the most important system to FIRST consider
when you begin your journey of Growing Stronger, and that
is why I created this short e-book to get you started on the
right foot. <– see it here

Now, yesterday I decided to begin my workout with some
snatch grip deadlifts. This is one of the most physically
demanding strength exercises in existence.

I did only 4 sets of 3 reps since my focus was on form,
posture and the training of my nervous system. And with
only this little volume — I was fried!

To make that statement even more fascinating is that I only
used 185 lbs for each set!

You might wonder how a man that can pull over 600 lbs
could be challenged by only 185 lbs…?

Introducing The Electric Method for creating REAL strength.

This is an idea that I have not shared with you to any great
degree, just yet. Even in my Grow Stronger Method book I
only give you a small glimpse into the power of this technique.

It works by using your focus and intention to “tense” all of
the muscles in your body associated with the movement you
are about to perform.

In case of the deadlift… its ALL the muscles in your entire

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 10.00.01 AM

Here is how I approach the movement.

1. I approach the bar and settle into the starting position.

2. Once in the starting position I being the tensing of my body
first by placing the tongue on the roof of my mouth and forcing
my neck into proper cervical alignment.

3. Next, I force my shoulders down and back while simultaneously
spreading my lats wide, creating a “flaring” of my torso as well as
aggressive thoracic extension. At the same time I am squeezing
the barbell as hard as I can with my hands.

4. Then I suck my belly button into my stomach, just like a tummy
vacuum. And I also work to pull my anus up as if I’m trying to
stop myself from taking a shit.

This “sucking in” and “pulling up” of the muscles around the
pelvic floor creates the most stable foundation from which ALL
of your strength will emanate. (this technique requires lots of
practice and focus)

5. Finally, just before I pull the bar off the ground I focus on
pushing my feet into the ground as hard as possible. This causes
all of the muscles in my legs to tense, as well as tying the rest of
my body into the form.

6. Then… I pull!

7. At the top of the movement I work to keep my belly drawn in
and to squeeze my glues together, creating a forceful hip extension.

8. I try to maintain the tension throughout the core and legs as I
return the bar to the starting position by retracing the exact path
taken to get to the top.


Thats because it is. And that is why I could only do 4 sets of 3
with 185 pounds.

For you to be able to produce as much intensity as I do with
this technique, you not only need to set aside your ego…

You need to have a powerful, uninhibited and well directed
nervous system. You need to be calm, focused, and attentive
to everything you do.

And this is only possible by working to strengthen your nervous
system with various methods ALL day long.

This short e-book might offer you some ideas that can help you
do just that.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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