Elliott Hulse: The Secret Of My Passion – Mind Pump Media Interview


I revealed the secret of my passion in a recent interview with the guys from Mind Pump Media.

Let me first tell you why I invite you to listen to the whole conversation with Mind Pump:

There is nothing like hearing somebody’s words and really absorbing them like a sponge. When I had the personal talk with Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer and Justin Andrews from Mind Pump Media there was something magical happening, as in every conversation: You get to feel the words at a visceral level. You hear the tonal inflections, the rhythm and what deeper meaning our voices convey.

To add to that I summarized my personal experience in here as a short blog entry. To get the full spectrum I invite you to consider both pieces of content.

To listen to the podcast on stitcher, click here. Be sure to subscribe to the guys and check out their other interviews (they also interviewed one of my biggest mentors, Paul Chek, twice).

Below you can check out what my personal reflections and bits of wisdom are.

Some parts of the conversation really stuck with me, especially the questions that I have never really been asked before.

The Mind Pump guys asked my about a current growth struggle that I have right now.

I find it interesting that I don’t feel the struggles of life because I am in a place of receptivity where I allow things to unfold. I don’t struggle with life so there are no struggles to me.

And that’s because I reframe A LOT. To me this is the path of least resistance by instantly looking at what the gift within the struggle is. Regarding a concrete “struggle” I pointed out that one of the “things” for me at the moment is my torn Achilles tendon that I tore at one of my Grounding Camps.

Another great topicĀ  brought up by Mind Pump was: What do I say to people that aren’t health minded?

I told them that I don’t feel people have to be like me. When I give advice it has to come from a place of love. Not pushing the other person away from where they are really is the magic. If we realize that everyone is on their own journey and lives at their own pace, we start to become empathic and understanding towards them.

I also shared the best business advice I have ever received.

In short: There is no right or wrong. It is the unity of two seemingly opposing concepts: Success is cooked up in a dirty kitchen AND have strict rules. This is all about fluidity within a structure.

The philosophy for life in the new world is “Both structure and fluidity”.

To add to that, I also shared what makes me in particular a successful coach and what drives my passion.

My coaching success is due to my “love language”. I use the right signals of affirmation, whether it be through touch, speech or whatever.

To get to know what really drives my passion click here to listen to the whole episode. You won’t regret it.


P.S.: To give you a hint – the secret of my passion has something to do with the way I am.