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I recently was guest at “The Mind Body Podcast” by Lidor Dayan who is a twenty-six-year-old Israeli personal trainer.

I loved the interview because it got just so much deeper than simply “personal training”, especially near the end of it.

Be sure to listen to the whole interview on YouTube here, leave the man a “thumbs up” and a subscription for the great work he does.

I will now recap some of the essential take-aways from the nearly 40 minute talk we had.

We began with focusing on my past struggles with money. When we look at money with a “scarcity mindset” we make life a lot harder for ourselves. That is why it is more resourceful to allow things to unfold, instead of pushing ourselves.

When we go too hard on ourselves and never allow life to happen, we actually work against ourselves. This all stems from too much “headiness”.

Connecting to the topic of “being trapped in the head” we also went on to talk about the Osho Dynamic Meditation and its various stages. I use this method at my Grounding Camps to really facilitate long-term mental-emotional change and internal breakthroughs that could never happen by simply talking about “the issue”.

The body has to express the e-motion because words could never grasp the whole meaning of a feeling.

In addition to these topics we also went over many other things like the importance of mentors, my daily rituals, my biggest fear and also how to make intimate relationships more loving.

One of the biggest points in this interview was to literally take the path of least resistance.

Do I mean by that to simply do what everybody else does and fit in? No, because that is not the path of least resistance.

We walk this path when we are in our natural state where there is no resistance. Only when we are trapped in our head, the intellect, we build resistance for ourselves, because we are not ready to truly face who we really are.

This is a big transition in all of our lives when we go from “Will-Power” to “Won’t-Power”: We actually recognize that to really “Be the Strongest Version of Ourselves” we also have to be able to be “weak” or better said “soft”.

We ended the talk with a question about my life legacy. I answered that I want to be remembered as a “light-bearer”. Listen to the interview here to get to know what that exactly means.

Thanks again to Lidor Dayan for the great Interview


PS: Below you can comfortably listen to the interview on YouTube.