Elliott Hulse’s Reality TV Show?

If Snoop Dogg and a bunch of overgrown teenagers who live
near the water in New Jersey can have a reality show… then
so should I, right?

Actually, it would be quite boring since almost 100% of my
life revolves around training.

Here is what typical show might look like.

5:30 am – Elliott goes to his gym for his morning TRAINING
session, and to do a few “hand balancing” exercises.

9:00 am – After feeding his children and dropping them off at
school, Elliott gets back his gym to write e mails about

11:00 am – Elliott answers a video question on YouTube about

1:00 pm – Elliott works on his new book about TRAINING.

3:00 pm – Elliott TRAINS.

5:00 pm – Elliott takes his daughters to their Crossfit Kids
TRAINING session.

6:30 pm – Elliott feeds his children dinner while his wife,
Colleen, leaves to go to her TRAINING session.

10:30 pm – Elliott falls asleep and gets ready for another day

See… so, unless you are as obsessed as I am about training, an
Elliott Hulse reality show would be quite boring ;)

A reality show like that probably won’t get such good ratings…

But if you’re interested in what a day at my gym might look
like, then check out the blog post from my STRENGTHOLOGY
blog below.


Grow Stronger!
Elliott Hulse

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  1. Hey Elliott, I’ve got a problem that I think you could really help me with.
    First off, I’ve subscribed to your newsletter and recently I got an email about bodyweight workouts.
    I’ve been planning to switch to that since my gym membership would be running out in a couple of weeks and I won’t be renewing it as I’m switching to running long distance.

    Now here’s my problem.
    I know I’ll be getting slow twitch muscle fibers from running long distance and I don’t want to end up all skinny and weak.
    So I’m trying to figure out what exercises to do to keep me strong as well.
    If I don’t renew my membership, I’ll end up with no equipment save a couple of 30 pound dumbells.
    Could you suggest any sort of training I can do to keep me strong as well, please?

    I could continue at another gym with my current workout, but I’m afraid my squats and deadlifts would hamper with my running and leave me at a much higher risk of an injury.
    Even if you could give me a weightlifting routine to do, it would greatly help me! Thanks

    PS: I couldn’t buy the bodyweight exercise (Convict conditioning) as I just get a monthly allowance from my parents and we don’t have a credit card either.
    So if you can help me out here, I’ll really appreciate it! Thanks!

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