Elliott Almost Lost His Life Yesterday

This is a very personal story.

But I’d like to share it with you because there are
several lessons that I’ve learned from the experience.

And some of them may be helpful to you.

Yesterday I wrote you an e mail where I mentioned
that I’d be doing what I love most that day… spending
the day at the beach with my family and friends.

I even attached a picture of me and my two youngest
children standing in the ocean for you to see.

Only about 20 minutes after I sent you that e mail, I
nearly lost my wife and children in a car accident.

Unlike most Sundays, Colleen and I decided to take
separate cars to the beach because she needed to leave
the beach early to take one of our children to a birthday

She followed behind me with two of our children while
I drove up ahead with our two other children.

On the way to the beach we decided to get off the exit
and go to the grocery store for some ice and carrots for
the children to eat.

Once we got off the highway Colleen followed me to the
first traffic light where we stopped and waited for the
green light to proceed towards the grocery store.

When the light changed I drove ahead with Colleen and
our two youngest children following behind.

Then a giant black GMC Yukon, driving at about 60 miles
per hour, ran the red light missing my car and aiming right
for Colleen’s tiny Kia Sedona.

With the size of his car and at the speed that he was driving,
had he hit Colleens car there is no doubt that my wife and
youngest children would have died instantly.

Luckily Colleen was able to slam on her brakes and let the
speeding truck slice between her car and mine.

There must have been only a hair’s distance between her
car and his!

We both pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store
very shaken by the whole experience.

Colleen’s entire body was still vibrating from shock when
I held her and gave her a reassuring hug.

The energy in her body, stimulated by the near-death
experience, had come to such a rolling boil that her breathing
was DEEP and her muscles hummed like a car engine.

She held out her hand and it shook like a leaf in the wind.

What was happening in her body is an example of what
happens when your “bio-batteries” are hyper-charged and
the energy becomes so much that you literally discharge
it though the muscular system.

It is also the type of sympathetic (stress) response that we are
trying to evoke when doing the first Bio-Energizer exercise
that I taught you in yesterdays blog post.

“The Bow” is a stress position. It may cause your body to
vibrate just like Colleen’s did yesterday.

This is normal, natural and good.

It means that you have energy in you body that is being
released though the tissue.

Over time the muscles will stop vibrating as easily because
your body will become more “motile” and the resistance in
your muscular system will soften.

By opening up your muscles and breathing deep into your
pelvic floor with The Bow you will become more vibrant.

Anyway, the other lesson that I learned (or was reminded of)
is that our time on Earth is short.

I had to explain to my daughter that we will ALL DIE someday.

No one lives forever.

So I ask you…

How are you spending this short time you have here on Earth?

Are you living each day as an offering to others?

Do you honor the still, small voice within by living from your
heart… regardless of logic or pragmatism?

Do you experience pleasure in the things you do most? Things
like work, school and chores?

Do you hug the people you love… everyday?

Do you respect your body when it asks you to rest, scream,
yell or cry?

Listen, I’m going to give you permission to do something….

Others might think your crazy, but who cares?

I am telling you that this is okay for you to do.

Take some “dangerous” action TODAY that your heart has
been asking you to take.

It might be calling your father and telling him that you love

It might be quitting a relationship that you’re no longer happy

It might be walking out of work early and taking your child
out of school, so you can have a long lunch together.

It might simply be dropping your face into your hands and
letting out the deep sobs, and painful tears that you’ve been
hiding from everyone… including yourself.

Go now.

And know that I love you.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

PS – here are a few ways to connect with me if you’d like
to share your experiences with this exercise.

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  1. Scary stuff, E! Glad you guys are ok!

    Wanted to mention something about the BE exercises also…I’ve been doing the bow mixed in with my morning routine for a few months now and have noticed that bringing up this type of response from the sympathetic nervous system helps you to better regulate the stress response in other situations. Your body becomes better at handling the hormone and energy charge that comes with SNS activation. Anybody with stress/anxiety issues should DEFINITELY be using both the anabolic energizers AND the bio-energizers!

  2. Hey Elliott! First of all I’m glad you and your family are ok, it’s moments like these that make you appreciate life even more. Today I tried letting out all my bottled in emotions. By sobbing. I saw your video where you talked about it, tried and didn’t work. Today however was different. I succeeded and felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders. For that I wanna thank you. Your videos are part of what keep me motivated to lose weight, build muscle and become the strongest version of me.
    Thanks again,

  3. You are one strong person my friend (physically and mentally). thank you for such inspiration and words of wisdom. Hope you and your family are doing well.

  4. I know how it feels, not w the family Thanks god. I run bicycle, road, and one day I was crossing a big intersection w the ped light on my side and some asshole ran the red light and almost hit me, and as you can imagine he ran away. The scare was so big that I felt to the asphalt in the middle of the intersection with the feet still clipped to the pedals and wasn’t able to unclip. When I finally did it I was shaking so bad that it was difficult for me.to walk to the sidewalk.

  5. Wow elliott! Thank God you and your family are safe and hopefully the other driver is too. The moral of your message reminds me of one of my favorite lyrics: “repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye unto heaven, conscious of his fleeting time here.” They’re from the song, “Right in two,” by the band Tool that i told you about. Thanks again for all of your insight and wisdom.

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