Who gets all of Elliott’s MONEY?

If you want to know what a person TRULY values,
look at his bank account.

Where you spend your money is the most telling
indication of what you value.

You might say that you value health, but refuse to
spend a few extra dollars for locally grown foods.

You might say that you value education, but would
rather blow your cash on dinner and entertainment
rather than investing in books.

Most of what people SAY is bullshit.

It’s what people DO, especially with their money,
that counts.

For example… I drive a 1994 used car.

I will NEVER buy a brand new car on credit. I just
don’t value it.

But I spend almost $1,000 per month traveling to
various mentors that I’ve hired to teach me their
technical skills and knowledge.

Instead of driving my old, dirty car and dropping
1K on education… I could easily lease a sexy sports

Perhaps a Porsche!

I often get e mails and Facebook comments from
people who say they don’t have enough money to
buy my books or attend my workshops.

But when I look at their profile… I notice that they’re
wearing beautiful name-brand clothing and holding
expensive smart phones.

All this tells me is that this person values material
possessions over personal development and education.

That’s fine.

But don’t delude yourself into thinking that you have
no money.

The fact is… you are lying to yourself about what
you value, and you’re trying to convince me of the
bullshit story that you’ve personally brainwashed
yourself with.

If I want to know the TRUTH about you… all I need
to see is your bank statement.

Most of my money all goes towards growing myself
and my family stronger though education, experiences
and wholesome food.

Where does your money go?

Follow your dollar trails and you’ll discover what you
truly value.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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