Elliott’s New Weightlifting Shoes

Back in 2002 I had been about 2 years out from playing
my last game of college football (a sad day indeed).

But fortunately I decided to take a job at a budding strength
and conditioning gym in Scarsdale, New York where the
head coach was also an Olympic weightlifter.

After a few months of practicing the “O-Lifts” I decided
to try my hand at competing in the sport of Olympic

So, naturally I had to buy all of the weightlifting gear
including a sexy red singlet and pair of “wedges” or
Olympic Weightlifting shoes.

I think I took first or second in my weight class… and then
never entered another competition.

But I DID continue practicing the Olympic Lifts.

Over the following 10 years I continued to train with
variations of the Olympic lifts, I trained for power lifting
and competed in the sport of strongman… all wearing the
same old shoes I bought in 2002!

It’s not that the shoes were so rugged that they could
withstand 10 years of abuse… it’s that I glued and duct
taped them together over a dozen times.

To say that I am a minimalist is an understatement :)

Finally, last month I broke down and invested in a new
pair of lifting shoes… check em out!

I like to use these shoes for most over head pressing,
front squats, dead lifts and of course Olympic lifting.

If you’re looking to shake up your program by including
some of the advanced lifts that I use like Olympic lifting,
then it might be a good idea to spend some time learning
how to do them properly.

Fortunately I had a coach teach me.

And fortunately for YOU, Eric Wong has created one
of the most comprehensive video courses on Olympic
Weight lifting I’ve ever seen.

You can watch some of the videos here.

Also, I asked Eric if he would be so kind as to put his
course on sale for my readers this week… I think he cut
about 50% off and even added a few bonuses for us :)

You can take a look at the website below for more:

Talk to ya tomorrow.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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