Elliott’s Workout vs Your Workout

Lately I’ve been posting more of my training videos over
on my YouTube channel.

I post my successes as well as my failures for everyone to

The reason why I think this is important is because humans
are visual creature.

Most teachers, professors, coaches and gurus like to sit up
on their high horse and tell people what to do. Many of these
dudes probably can not even do the things they ask others to

Quite frankly, they’re full of shit.

People want to SEE what you are talking about… and more
importantly they want to SEE that you have real experience
doing the things you talk about.

Over on my Strength Camp members only website I post
every single workout that I perform. Every single rep and
set is laid out for the members to see.

The smart members take my workouts, or the other workouts
I post on the website, and put them to use immediately.

The really smart ones take these workouts and tweak them
to meet their specific needs, or the goals of their clients.

The other reason why I have been posting more workout
videos is because I want people to see the ATTITUDE I
train with.

Lots of people have good workout plans. They are well
thought out and structured.

But it ends there!

When it comes time to execute… they FAIL.

They just don’t put in the type of intensity that I do. Its
almost like they don’t trust their bodies. They train with

What they don’t realize is that it takes practice to develop
a strong mindset in the same way that it takes practice to
build a strong body.

This is why I also create motivational and insightful videos
a few times a month for my members.

You can see many of the archives when you join today…
plus I’ll be making a new one tomorrow morning ;)

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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