Every GYM RAT should know this…

I began lifting when I was a teenager.

Football was my life — and getting bigger, stronger and faster was my biggest goal.

Back then my uncle used to train my bother and I in my parents basement.  He taught us how to squat, pull, push and power clean.

But he also taught me something even more powerful. 

My uncle had alway been an athlete… he was a black belt in Kung Fu, he was a competitive gymnast, he ran marathons, and he took home many bodybuilding trophies.

He was a GYM RAT at heart.  ​​​​​​​

He loved working out, lifting and LIVING in the gym.  When his competitive career came to an end, he decided to become a trainer at a crappy little gym in Jersey City.

He loved the gym and training so much that he quit his well-paying job as an accountant, and dedicated the rest of his days to teaching people how to exercise, lift and get stronger in the gym.

As a teenager I looked up to my uncle for his strength and mentorship… but I was also inspired by his devotion to his calling as a personal fitness trainer.

In 1994 there was no real career path for people who loved lifting, fitness and coaching.  The term “personal trainer” was brand new, and the only people who could afford one were Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes — but that did not stop him.

Although he struggled at first, he’s been earning a great living as a personal trainer ever since.

Today, I have followed in my uncles footsteps…

When it was time for me to choose a profession I didn’t think twice… I AM A STRENGTH COACH, gym owner and fitness entrepreneur. 

Over the last 10 years I have been able to build Strength Camp, my gym, up from the back of my old van into a world wide movement with locations in several countries (and climbing).

I was inspired by my uncle to follow my dream to become a strength coach and gym owner.  

NOW…. it is my turn to inspire and lead others who have the same dream.

I want to help you become a Warehouse Gym Business owner, just like myself and dozens of others I’ve mentored over the years.

If you love lifting, fitness and dream of being a coach… then I am speaking to you. 

I just created a new video training for Warehouse Gym Business owners who want to earn a great living doing work they are proud of.

Even if you have ZERO business or training experience, this video training is for you.

When you register for the training over on this website, you will be taken to a new page where you can begin studying.

You will also get an opportunity to TAKE ACTION in the direction of your dreams, and get mentored by me and my team at Strength Camp — we want to help YOU become a successful warehouse gym business owner.

TIME SENSITIVE: be sure to watch this before the weekend is up, there is no promise that this opportunity will be available for long.

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Keep Growing Stronger,
E Hulse