ONE Exercise That Builds ALL Muscles!

For the next few weeks I’ll be putting together a new
comprehensive presentation outlining several of the
new strength building methods I am using at Strength

I’ll only be sharing this “Hulse Strength Method” with
a small handful of students who’ll attend a clinic I’m
holding sometime in May or June (more details to

Anyway, a large part of my new strength training
protocol includes the idea of getting more done with
less time and effort.

It’s called “Training Economy” and is described by some
as training at the minimum effective dosage (MED).

For example… if you could build just as much muscle
with a single set of an exercise versus three or four sets,
which would you choose?

Single set, right?

There are some exercises that are also very “economical”.

These are exercises that build strength, power, speed,
muscle mass and agility ALL AT ONCE!

In my new “Hulse Strength Method” these exercises rank
at the top of the priority list.

I will often just choose one of these exercises and then
follow up with one, maaaaybe two additional exercises to
complete the workout.

Here is the only drawback to these exercises… most people
use them WRONG!

In fact, most people don’t even know how to do them.

Click Here to learn more about these powerful compound
movements, how to do them and how to effectively
program them into your training.

Grow Stronger (and more economical),
Elliott Hulse

PS – I may create some tutorial videos on how I personally
add these to my workouts.

Stay tuned ;)

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