BEST Exercise To Cure Muscle Viruses

Here is the low-down on Muscle Viruses (AKA Muscular

Once you identify them via the assessments I teach you in
The Muscle Virus Solution study course…. you’ll need to
do three things to get rid of them.

Two of those three things are:

1. Corrective Stretches – We simply stretch the muscles that
are “tonic” prior to exercise.

This reduces the nervous tension running though that muscle
and allows the antagonists to work better. When you can relax
a tonic muscle you’ll also find that your joints will articulate
in a more functional manner.

2. Corrective Exercise – When it comes to corrective exercise
my approach is a little different.

You might think that strengthening the individual muscle who
proves to be weaker (phasic) in its relationship to the tight ones
is a good approach. — And it is.

But what I have found to be far more effective for getting
athletes to develop quickly, is to put them on an exercise that
EXPOSES all of the muscular weaknesses at once.

The one exercise that does just this… and also works to
strengthen all of the weaknesses is THE DEADLIFT.

This is why lots of people hate the deadlift.

The deadlift will EXPOSE you!

It will show you exactly where you are weak.

But in doing so, it also gives you feedback about what to do
to kill the muscle virus.

If you find that deadlifting with correct form is difficult for
you, then you MUST do it. You may need to modify it by
adding blocks or taking a wider stance, but you NEED to

Deadlifts will cure almost EVERY kind of common Muscle

Oh! And about that THIRD step for getting rid of Muscle Viruses,
its all explained in depth by my friend and expert Muscle Virus
Killer Dr. Moses in the videos in the course.


He just just far better than me at explaining it!

Grow Stronger (and do deadlifts),
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

PS – I have about 10 videos on my YouTube channel all about
how to deadlift correctly… go watch them.

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Who loves ya?

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  1. Elliott I’m surprised you didn’t list the front squat as a way to expose and correct your weaknesses

  2. Post

    Front Squats are a very close #2.

    Deadlifts offer more of a mechanical disadvantage since the center of gravity almost always moves forward of the base of support.

    This doesn’t happy to such a great degree with front squats where you can keep your torso more upright.

  3. WHERE have you been all this time??? Found you while researching how to start my personal training biz on you tube! I was just in Tampa 2 days ago!!! And all this time, ppl have said the only talent down here in South Florida is in the xxx industry….so wrong!! You got another fan!

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