Facts vs. Truth (don’t let “the numbers” fool you)

This message may come as a surprise….

Today we’re looking at the second of Steve Holman’s
5 Simple Steps To Looking Younger.

Steve holds the same popular position on cardiovascular
fitness training for fat loss as most trainers today.

He says, “long-duration exercise bouts accelerate the
aging process…”

This has become a common “fact” in the fitness world as
of late.

Even I have asserted the “fact” that the best form of exercise
for fat loss comes not through long-duration cardio, but
from variations of high intensity interval training.

The reason why I’ve added the “….” around the words FACT
is because we need to make a distinction between facts and

Facts are easily digestible bits of measured time and space.

For example… it has been scientifically measured that our
heart rate remains higher for a longer period of time following
high intensity interval training.

This is a verifiable FACT, because there are numbers to back
it up.

People love numbers because the are objective, we can point
at them and say “Look, this is what the numbers tell us! – It’s a
fact! ”

TRUTH is far more subjective. Truth is not measured in time
and space, truth is an experience of the consciousness.

Often TRUTH can not be verified by numbers and truth often
appears inconsistent due to its subjective nature.

Truth requires that we look at the WHOLE picture, not just the

For example… the numbers do tell us that your heart rate
remains higher, longer after high intensity intervals.

But the TRUTH is that by rejecting long-duration cardio all
together we miss out on many of the incredible fat loss and
health benefits of stimulating the parasympathetic nervous
system (and 10,000 other things).

Mankind as walked everywhere for about 99.5% of our
existence on this planet.

In many ways we are designed to be walking machines.

Yet today we hardly walk at all because we have dropped our
nomadic heritage in exchange for a stationary existence.

Also cars and other means for transportation have made it so
we need not walk to each and every destination.

To say that “long-duration exercise” is damaging to the human
being is like saying “flying is bad for birds.”

Birds and built to fly… man is built walk.

We have let the numbers deceive us!

The facts have made us insensitive to the TRUTH that we are
not just machines that yield to demands dictated by numbers…

…but that we are ancient energetic beings that interact with
the world though a complex nervous system that powers every
organ in our body BEFORE it considers your waist size or the
firmness of your ab muscles.

Don’t become so attached to the facts that you miss the truth!

To conclude… Holman’s 2nd Step To Health And Longevity
is quite factual.

It is good advice.

But I invite you to look at the big picture and consider that
long-duration cardio may not be as evil as we’re told.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – For the past 3 weeks I have added walking to my training

I walk for about an hour several days a week.

I have yet to look at any numbers, but I can tell you that I
feel and look much healthier than before walking.

But hey… that is just my subjective experience.
No numbers to back it up ;)

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  1. I think the mainstream has put so many negative aspects upon steady state cardio because everybody is now focused on a quick fix these days and it is not the fastest way for fat loss, and somebody whos trying to sell something will have to come up with something negative about the opposite..
    Myself, my focus is a well rounded physique and gpp, i dont care how big and ripped i am.. i like to lift, i like to jump, i like to run, i like to swim..
    How would i feel if i was strong but couldnt run a damn mile ?
    There’s nothing better than to get on my bike and go for a ride, go for a jog or forgetting all my problems while swimming, not worrying about heart rate or intensity or any shit like that..
    The active recovery and stress managing benefits are just awesome, no matter what the mainstream says..
    Keep it up !!

  2. I have been walking at least 45 minutes a day (sometimes 1-2 hours) consistently for about 2 1/2 years now….and before that, it seems that the times i’ve been fittest have always been when I’m moving around a lot every day as well. As a Strength Coach, I often tell people that high intensity bursts are important and best for fat loss, but still recommend walking or sustain activity (active hobbies like golf or hiking.)

    Once again, I am happy to see that you’re putting info out there that fits the same model I follow in my gym and on my site. Great info, and great writing as usual Elliott!

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