This One Fear Will Ruin Your Life!

You know how much I love reading and offering quotes
from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

In fact, you might know that I named my daughter Emerson
after this amazing poet.

One of Emerson’s quotes that has been of great support during
times of challenge is…

“Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is inevitable.”

The funny thing with fear is that it’s kinda sneaky.

A lot of people remain in relationships they hate, jobs that sap
their souls, and follow useless routines that offer no results
because it’s…

“The right thing to do” OR “It’s the only logical choice.”

When you try to show these people how the “right thing” is
totally subjective and that they are really not bond to the ideas
of other people, except by their own permission, they refuse to
hear it. (many even become angry with you!)

The fact is that they don’t choose to continue to live a life of
quiet desperation because “it’s the only logical choice”.

They live this way because they are FEARFUL of the unknown.

If all you have ever eaten was hot dogs, you might reject an
offer to try a sweet, juicy, rare piece of Filet Minion!

And what kind of life would that be?

Lots of people, especially guys who lift weights, have a huge
fear of stretching, or yoga-type exercises.

They give you all type of seemingly rational reasons why
stretching is bad for strength and muscle (mostly regurgitated
guru garbage).

But the fact is that they are scared!

Scared that it may be a challenge. It may be something that they
have difficulty doing right away.

So here is another Emerson quote for guys like that:
“Do the thing, and have the power!”

That means, get off your ass and DO IT… then you’ll get the

When it comes to fitness, I am as brave as they get!

I’ve tried almost EVERYTHING.

In fact, right now I am heavily involved in the strengthening of
my gymnastic strength and body weight exercise for mobility.

I’ll be sharing more about my new methods later on.

But for now, you might want to add some of these interesting
yoga-type moves to your routine.

Unless you’re too scared? :)

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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