Fighting Something Off (how Elliott battles sickness)

“I don’t get sick… I fight shit off!”


This is what might get shouted in your face if you ever
ask me, “Elliott are you getting sick?”

I understand that the distinction between “fighting something
off” and “getting sick” is merely a difference in words…

…but make no mistake, the words that you choose to use to
describe yourself or your circumstances makes a HUGE

There is an attitude associate with passively “getting sick”
and actively “fighting off”.

In every situation I choose to be an active participant. I
rather feel as if I am in the drivers seat, than being taken
for a ride.

This is a position of EMPOWERMENT.

You might say, Elliott what is the big deal? Why don’t
you admit that you’re getting sick?

You would only ask such a question if you didn’t
understand the power of intention.

When I am fighting something off, my intention is to
win. I am telling myself that something is attacking me
and I will not succumb.

When YOU are getting sick, it’s just the opposite.

You are saying that something is attacking you and has
already won.

Screw That!

When I feel a cold coming on, like I do today, I go into
battle mode — and I NEVER LOSE.

Here is what I do.

#1. I make sure that I get to sleep no later than 10pm and
I “sleep in” (7am is sleeping in for me since I have kids).

#2. I make a concoction of “Emergen-C” and “Airborne”
nutritional supplements. I just buy a box of both and mix
a serving of each in a glass.

I’ll take this concoction 2-3 times a day.

#3. If I can, I’ll get a massage to break up any aches and
pains that might be creeping in.

#4. I’ll do my Bioenergetic warmup routine 2-3 times a day
to keep my body warm and supple.

#5. If I’m still in the early stages of the battle I will train.
My workout won’t be a “record breaker”, just enough to
increase my core temperature and work up a sweat.

#6. I double my dosage of my daily cod liver oil intake. I
learned this trick from Sally Fallon while at a Weston Price
workshop 10 years ago.

#7. Finally, I stay away from ALL SUGAR and sugar
containing foods. It is a well known fact that sugar consumption
suppresses your immune system.

Besides taking more nap breaks during the day, this is
how I fight off a sickness.

REST and NUTRITION are my main combat weapons,
but my ATTITUDE is like the Atomic Bomb that leaves
no room in my body for sickness.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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