Foods that feminize men (take action now!)

Here is is folks! A brand new year and an
opportunity to start growing stronger in 2013.

To start your year on the right foot I’ve got some
fascinating information for you today about how
the foods that YOU eat, may be sapping your
strength and sexuality.

A rebellious thief of strength is on a rampage
across the globe, destroying your vitality, and
wrecking havoc on your results.

It’s a scourge of epic proportions… thanks to big
food and drug companies hell-bent on profits —
at the expense of YOUR health.

Most men know little about it, yet… it’s literally
feminizing men all around the world.

The scientific evidence is all around…

* Teenage boys are growing breasts so
well-developed that surgery is needed to reduce

* Scientists report that 50% of adult males
suffer from breast enlargement. Breast reduction
surgeries are up 13,155% in 5 years.

* Mothers exposed to these chemicals are having
baby boys with smaller penises, and a growing
number of young men have undescended testicles.

* There’s a worldwide epidemic of men with
enlarged prostates and erection problems not only
in old men, but in men of all ages, even in young

* Researchers have reported that testosterone
levels have been plunging since the 1980s. The
average 65-year-old man in 2002 has 15% less
testosterone than a 65-year-old man in 1987.

* Men’s sperm counts have plunged 50%
throughout the world…

Talk about a wake up call, right?

I personally believe that this problem is one of EPIC

Everyday I get countless e mails, facebook and video
questions from men (young and old) who are struggling
with bitch tits, hip fat, and an inability to grow larger –
harder muscles.

This is why I am personally preparing to follow this
14 day Total Wellness Cleanse, and recommend that all
men who have been lifting for over a year do the same.

As an incentive to join us in the cleanse, I have included
a book I’ve written as a bonus.

All of the details are at the link below:

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – I have also created a review video for you, in case
you need more information before joining us.


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