FREAKISH One Arm Handstand!

Yesterday I was looking online for pictures of dudes
who can do a one-arm handstand!

As if performing a handstand was not tough enough,
there are people who can do it with one arm… crazy!

Okay, so I bet your saying to yourself… “Elliott, the
only people who are good at gymnastics stuff like that
are 140 pound dudes with skinny legs!”

Heck, I thought the same thing… until I saw the picture

This guys name was Bert Assirati. He was 5’7 and
265 lbs. Besides being one of the strongest men in
the world, Bert was a professional wrestler.

I was immediately impressed when I saw that picture
and decided to do some research on him.

It turns out that he gained much of his core strength
and athleticism by performing as an acrobat and
tumbler! — weight lifting came later!

Lately I have been doing tons of gymnastic and body
weight training at the end of my barbell workouts.

I’ve posted some of these workouts on my YouYube
channel and will be talking much more about them in
the near future.

If you’d like to get started with this type of training, a
great way to begin is by adding some simple body weight
circuits to the end of your workouts.

These workout “Finishers” are great for building body
awareness, core strength and fat loss.

Here is a place where you can find 33 different “ab finishers”
for the end of your workouts.


Although these workouts are positioned for fat burning and
six-pack abs, they are also incredible for building body
weight strength and conditioning.

These are some very challenging workouts, especially
if all you have been doing is barbell workouts and ab
crunches on the floor.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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  1. Hey Elliot!

    Long time listener/watcher first comment on your blog :D

    I’m trying to incorporate some body weight stuff, but mainly isometric holds to build up strength. I’m on a keto-type diet ATM so a metabolic finisher would just blow me out.

    Any ways you know of to get started with things such as levers and such? It would be awesome to one day be able to do an iron cross!!

    Thanks in advance and keep up the awesome work! The internet needs more no bull-shit people like yourself


  2. Not sure if this is suppose to be ‘WORK’ like you have it or ‘WORLD’

    Besides being one of the strongest men in
    the WORK, Bert was a professional wrestler.

    Just wanted to let you know.

  3. Post
  4. Post

    I’m making some videos about that RIGHT NOW! lol

    Check out The Strength Project on youtube… his videos have been really helpful to me also.

  5. Another impressive achievement is the lateral raise with one arm. You would expect that only small but strong guys can do that, but you should see Alexey Voevoda perform this in his top days as an armwrestler. At that time he may have been about 130 kilograms.
    Nowadays he’s an olympic bobsleer for Russia, who won a silver and a bronze medal in the Olympic games and is more slim, but still incredibly strong.

  6. Yo Elliot!

    I’m trying to learn the technique for power cleans (I watched one of your videos on it going over the movements of it), but I’m having trouble learning the clean grip. Even when I’ve done front squat I’ve had to use the cross-arms method.

    I’ve tried close and wide clean grip, but it just seems that no matter how I position my elbow and arms, my hands just don’t go back that way.

    Thanks if you can help out!

    (Oh, and as I post this, I have a feeling it’s not the right place to ask this question.)

  7. Ever since I saw Arash cranking out reps on one handed handstand push ups I’ve been a follower. I love his shit but always had trouble cause the extra weight I carry. If you and him got together and made a program I bet it would be killer. You could call it Strength Camp Project

  8. Hey Elliot, I have been working on my handstand since you started and i almost got it! Please keep posting videos on your progress and if you want i can send you a video of mine! Love what you are doing man!

  9. YO ELLIOT!!

    I ran across some of your videos and articles a few months back (when I decided to start messing around with iron again), and just wanted to thank you for all the great info you are putting out there.

    Another thing, I ran across this while looking up info on Bert (http://tubulocity.com/?p=73)… The guy was also a LONG DISTANCE CYCLIST!!! Can anyone picture a 266lb juggernaut rolling along the Tour de France??

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