FREAKISH One Arm Handstand!

Yesterday I was looking online for pictures of dudes
who can do a one-arm handstand!

As if performing a handstand was not tough enough,
there are people who can do it with one arm… crazy!

Okay, so I bet your saying to yourself… “Elliott, the
only people who are good at gymnastics stuff like that
are 140 pound dudes with skinny legs!”

Heck, I thought the same thing… until I saw the picture

This guys name was Bert Assirati. He was 5’7 and
265 lbs. Besides being one of the strongest men in
the world, Bert was a professional wrestler.

I was immediately impressed when I saw that picture
and decided to do some research on him.

It turns out that he gained much of his core strength
and athleticism by performing as an acrobat and
tumbler! — weight lifting came later!

Lately I have been doing tons of gymnastic and body
weight training at the end of my barbell workouts.

I’ve posted some of these workouts on my YouYube
channel and will be talking much more about them in
the near future.

If you’d like to get started with this type of training, a
great way to begin is by adding some simple body weight
circuits to the end of your workouts.

These workout “Finishers” are great for building body
awareness, core strength and fat loss.

Here is a place where you can find 33 different “ab finishers”
for the end of your workouts.

Although these workouts are positioned for fat burning and
six-pack abs, they are also incredible for building body
weight strength and conditioning.

These are some very challenging workouts, especially
if all you have been doing is barbell workouts and ab
crunches on the floor.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse