Why It’s ALWAYS Your Fault… (the freedom of taking responsiblity)

This post is in response to the recent Hulse Tribe video that posted titled “Detachment (how to stay strong despite your emotions)” – In it I describe an unfortunate event that befell my immediate family and how Colleen and I were able to navigate the emotional roller coaster and walk away stronger than before the event by practicing that ancient Stoic ideal of Detachment.

Last weekend Colleen and I took our 3 girls and newborn baby boy, Benjamin, over to my parents house.  My mother, like all women, is a sucker for children and babies.  She must have sat holding Benjamin in her arms just staring at his face for 3 hours.  When I came over to her to check on Benjamin she offered me the very often repeated aphorism…

“Ahhh, to be a child again…. wouldn’t it be wonderful to just sleep there and have every demand granted by a loving person?”

As always, which sometimes gets annoying to family and friends, I had a deeply philosophical retort as to why her idea of being “a child again” was the worst possible thing that could ever befall us.

I was a rebellious kid, there was nothing worse to me than having adults including my parents and teachers tell me what to do. I knew that without my guardians I would have no one to care for me, but I also desired freedom so badly that I was happy to give up the comfort of handouts.  (this is why I would often run away from home for days at a time… to prove that I didn’t need help)

Even today, I choose to “wing it” as a entrepreneur that enjoys the freedom of calling my own shots, but also takes the fall when things don’t work out.

You see, this is the paradox of FREEDOM. “There is NO guarantee of safety when you choose freedom!” or “In freedom there is no promise of safety”. (you can use these both as authentic Elliott Hulse quotes)

Benjamin Franklin also once wrote: “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.  He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither.”

When you give up the idea that your parents, your boss, your wife and the government should be taking care of you… and you take up the sword of self reliance, you tell yourself and the world that “I am in charge of my life and my destiny!”

You are also asserting that: Whether I win or lose… it is my fault, NO ONE ELSE– MINE! If in my struggle for freedom I find failure and death I am grateful, for I have known what it is to be a man that holds his own and has earned the rights of responsibility.

Like William Wallace in Braveheart, “Give me freedom or give me death!”

The dream of freedom holds little merit today as many people seem to prefer government handouts, employee benefits and “stimulus packages” over the invigorating journey of constructing their lives with the two strong and calloused hands of Faith & Freedom, that are animated by the blood of Hard Work.

My invitation to you:

Choose to take staunch steps in the direction of your dreams DESPITE the guarantee of success. It is never a matter of worldly success.  It is never a matter of how much money you’ll make or what car you’ll drive… these things are simply ego gratification that shows others that you too are a slave to the opinions of the masses and have accepted conditioning from marketers and media.

Take staunch steps in the direction of your dreams because you are FREE to do so.  Exercise your FREEDOM and take responsibility for the results.  Look deep within your heart and bring fourth the song that emanates from the depths of your being.  Your success is found in exercising your freedom to be The Strongest Version Of Yourself.  And only YOU know what that looks like.

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  1. Keep pumping this kind of stuff out. Much of our country is brain-washed in believing otherwise and it’s going to take a rebellion (as I think you’ve said before) to shake things up and get through to people that THEY are responsible. Your messages are becoming much larger than you…good job! Keep pumping them out.
    To Freedom,
    Darin Carr

  2. Post
  3. haha, elliot this is great man! it reminded me of a couple times when i was first starting off busting my ass at the gym working long hours and not making nearly what i do now and my dad (the retired teacher) saying “some of us chose to get a job and get a pension…” he was just playfully bustin my balls, but i think it’s cool that we’re kinda in the same boat on this one.

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