Front Squats For Improved Posture & Performance

This scares me to death… strength and sports coaches who load heavy weights onto the back of weak and muscularly imbalanced athletes.

Listen, if yourself or your athletes can not maintain a STRONG posture… which in my book is defined as:

“The capacity to maintain The Instantaneous Axis Of Rotation of all joints while static or during dynamic movement.”

Then you have no business adding external resistance (barbells or weights) to their body in a manner that facilitates the weakness or exposes it to injury.

Let me explain… if a kid has overdeveloped traps and weak scapular adductors (the muscles that hold the chest up and shoulder blades together) he will appear to have a “rounded” or “hunched” mid / back,  It may not be as obvious a deformation as the Hunchback of Notre Dame but it is a Red Flag none the less.

Now if you take that kid who can barely maintain thoracic extension (chest up, shoulders down posture) and load his spine with a 225 lb. barbell and expect him to squat… you’re gonna have one of several situations on your hands.

1. The barbell will crush him and toss him face first onto the floor with the barbell doping down on his neck!

2. He will squat the weight, but it will look more like a Good Morning bow than a squat… and his low back is going to be killing him!

3. He will simply not be able to attempt the lift…. EVER!  He will never get stronger with this weak link in his “kinetic chain.”

So, what the heck do you do?

Use what I call “Corrective Bodybuilding” to strengthen weaknesses while still taxing the nervous and endocrine system for increased strength and growth!

Check out one more of my “Corrective Bodybuilding” exercises below:

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