“I Can’t Gain Muscle Mass… what should I do?”

One of my favorite things to do is answer questions for
people on my YouTube channel.

Especially from younger, skinny-dudes who have a hard
time gaining mass.

Like last week when I offered two simple tips to a little
dude who claimed to be stuck in a mass gaining rut…

All I told him to do was:

1. Add “drop sets” to the end of your last set of every
strength training exercise.

This will allow him to continue to get stronger (which
was one of his goals) AND force his muscle to grow
by adding a single bodybuilding technique to his

2. Eat lots of brown rice.

The extra carbs will help get our little friend SWOLE and
also force an insulin-like growth factor response as well.

The fact is that if he does these two simple things he WILL
gain some serious mass and break out of the mass gaining
rut he finds himself in.

I also give him a slice of advice in case this method caused
him to gain some body fat.

He is to “back off” the rice for a week or so and then start
up again as needed.

This advice is good, and will work.

But there is a more systematic way of going about this kind
of “over-feeding” and “under-feeding”.

It’s called “Hybrid Mass Cycling” and you can learn more
about how it works at the website below.


Right now I am about to start cutting back again, as I get
ready for my next strongman show.

I weigh about 210 and need to be under 200 to compete in
the light weight class.

So, I’ll be taking my own advice and cycle my carb intake
in order to keep my strength up, but lose a little weight.

More about my strongman adventures later ;)

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – If gaining “clean mass” is a goal of yours, then give
this a try.






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  1. Hey Elliot,

    I have recently had an injury to the lateral side of my knee during a randori session in judo. I am 20 year old powerlifter and rugby player studying at bangor university in north wales. With you help and guidence in the videos you produce i have been able to lose around 10kg since last september whilst improving my powerlifts. However my knee injury has made it difficult for me to train how i would wish. not being experienced in judo i tried to go to hard with out any motor pattern in place to establish an effective technique, as such i belive i have torn my lateral meniscus to some degree. im a weary
    of doctor and hospitals a like and would like your opinion on the correct way forward. i have gd near complete range of motion except i cannot fully lock it out and when i extend a crack noise occurs. i do not want surgery and wonder what you recomend?

    Many thanks elliot!

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  4. Hello Elliot,
    I have a question concerning man-boobs. I know you have covered this in past videos in which you cover a lot about hormones. And of course i’ve been following your tips to reduce the manboobs. Ive even started to follow a low carb diet in order to help reduce the fat on my chest along with alot of heavy lifting (your hybrid strongman routine which makes me sore and hungry like non other)and other simple stuff like more sleep, and pumpkin seeds, and Turmeric on foods and in capsules which apparently helps with increasing Testosterone. My big fear of following a low carb diet is that i am missing out on a lot of muscle gains….and i really do not want to sacrifice strength or muscle gain over man-boobs. So my question is…..should i follow a low carb diet and not reach my maximal gains? Or should i eat high amount of carbs because carbs do not affect my man boobs. I hope you have time to help me out:). Thank you very much!

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