Gaining Mass (for grown ups)

Amongst the many new and interesting ideas Brad Pilon shares
in his Anabolic Again muscle building system….

Is the idea of “Juvenile” vs. “Work Induced” muscle growth.

During “Juvenile Muscle Growth” stages your body is very sensitive
to calorie and protein intake.

At this time in your development your muscles will grow at an
unparalleled rate while your body grows in both height and maturity.

This is why I had become so successful at helping young skinny
football players gain mass during my early career as a strength coach.

These kids experienced “Juvenile Muscle Growth” during the teenaged
years that I trained them. Some of these kids would go on to gain as
much as 30 pounds while working with me!

But once you have reached your full mature size, this high-speed
nutrient dependent growth comes to a screeching halt. In other words,
you are simply done growing.

At this point your gains will come strictly from “Work Induced” muscle
growth, such as weight lifting.

Work Induced gains comes though the manipulation of the following

Progressive Mechanical Resistance (lifting weights)

Training Volume

Training Frequency

Rest and Recovery

With these parameters we create a routine that brings us the result of
greater strength and muscle.

BUT the key to continuous progress during this “grown-ups stage” of
strength training is to steer clear of workout ruts.

Like with everything else, training with the same parameters over
an extended period of time allows your physiology to grow accustomed
to the stimulus….

…thereby curtailing your desired results.

One of the best ways to keep your grown-up muscle building efforts
alive is to SHOCK your physiology into new growth by temporarily
“shaking up” your routine.

Brad uses a system he calls “Compound Cluster Cycling” to keep
the anabolic response alive and kicking.

Try this “grown up” muscle building routine for the next 12 weeks and
experience muscle gain… like a juvenile ;)

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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