The Ultimate Gamble Of Strength (strong enough?)

I have no scientific evidence to back this up…

But I’m convinced that there is a unseen, unifying force which
guides our lives in a particular direction if we allow it to.

Surrendering to this “force” will turn the average, mundane
life into an adventure full of twists, surprises, upsets and
accomplishments that you could never dictate on your own.


I tell you this, not as a person who read some doctrine which has
molded his beliefs… but as a courageous man who is addicted
to gambling with life, and as a result has gained some very
useful experiences.

Some people think that by yielding to this force; which some
call God, or Universe, or Allah, or Tao… you are somehow
being weak. (I’m not personally attached to what you call it)

These people believe that unless you are using brute force to
accomplish your goals, they will never be accomplished and
will ultimately fail.

This has not been my experience… in fact, I have noticed the
exact opposite!

It seems the more brute force I use in accomplishing my life’s
goals, the worse my results and more unfulfilled I feel.

Yet, the more I relax into the force of life… the more I win!

Of course, the path to winning with this approach is sometimes
scary and riddled with uncertainties, but hey… whats life with-
out a little adventure? — it adds spice!

The greatest example of letting this force carry my life, has
been my adventures in business.

Back in 2006 when I decided to quit my job at a corporate gym
and venture out on my own, with no money, no clients, and no
business experience… I found myself “up Shit’s Creek without
a paddle”, as they say.

I was doomed!

No money, no job, no prospects… and a new family to raise!

But then it happened.

The “flow” of life carried me to a website created by a coach
in New Jersey who was training his young clients in a garage
using only homemade and used equipment.

This trainer was earning a living though his creative means of
helping clients… with almost zero expense!

By following the recipes for creating homemade workout
equipment I was eventually able to get my new business off
the ground and eventually move it to my very first Strength
Camp warehouse gym!

By now you may know that I am talking about Zach Even-

It’s been almost 7 years since I learned about Zach and used
some of his ideas to build the groundwork for Strength Camp
and my successful fitness publishing business.

In those 7 years Zach and I both have exploded our businesses
and are recognized in the industry are pioneers of the Warehouse
Gym movement.

This didn’t happen by accident though.

Zach and I both read, study and invest in business and marketing
education that we’ve implemented to grow our businesses.

Today, Zach and I have chosen to partner up and offer all of our
experiences, insights and advice for building and growing a
super-successful warehouse gym to other up-and-coming

It’s called No B.S Marketing For Strength Coaches, and it
outlines the exact history and steps we took to earn the success
we enjoy today.

I realize that not everyone who reads this newsletter is a coach
or gym owner, but I also know many of my readers are young
dudes thinking about what they want to do for a living.

If you love strength training as much as I do, and you think that
you might want to earn a living by doing what you love most,
then you might want to hear my story and how I did it.

Also, if you DO have a gym and want to learn how I used a few
simple marketing tools to turn mine from a heap of rubble into
a six-figure earnings machine, then you’ll enjoy this course too.


This course is on sale for 50% off though the weekend, so take
action soon.

By studying my course, you’ll be MUCH better prepared than I
was when taking this “Ultimate Gamble” ;)

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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