We Are The Generation Of LOST BOYS

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There is a scene in the movie Fight Club, where the main character (Tyler), gives an epic speech to a group of men who are looking for clarity and direction in their life… something worth fighting for.

In one part of the speech he says…

“We are a generation of lost boys.” 

… and In a way, he’s right.

Unlike previous generations we don’t have “A Great War”, “A Great Social Cause”, or something worth giving our lives to.

Things are pretty easy for most of us living in the US and other affluent countries.

But what Tyler failed to mention is…

Our generation has more opportunities to be self-reliant, creative and financially independent then EVER before.

The internet has given us the power to communicate, educate and share empowering ideas with one another… at the speed of light.

Some people think I’m crazy when I say…

“We are the generation of light.”

We can literally make our dreams come true.

No matter what you dream of being, having or doing today, there is a greater chance of your success — than your parents generation.

When people say our generation is “soft” or “entitled”, they are talking about the lazy drag-asses who have opportunity handed to them… but do nothing about it.

There are lazy people in EVERY generation.

There are also hard-working, focused and committed men in EVERY generation. 

Men who know how lucky they are to live in a free country and take advantage of the opportunities available ONLY TODAY.

Right now I am looking for a few men just like this; who will see an opportunity to be theStrongest Version of Themselves, serve others, and earn a great living as a result.

If that sounds like you…. then keep reading.

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We live in the greatest time ever, but only for those who take action.

Opportunity is not enough, you must SEIZE IT.

Keep Growing Stronger,
E Hulse

PS – If you’re not here for gym business talk, no worries.

I’ll only be mentioning this kind of stuff briefly here, especially when I have something new and empowering to share with you.