Golden Nuggets of Deadlift Wisdom

“Elliott, how do I add massive amounts of weight to my deadlift?”

THIS is the question that FLOODS my inbox, and the truth is, there’s no ONE right answer.

Maybe you’re an impatient beginner who needs to take time to build a strong foundation before you get flooded with strength gains.

Maybe you’ve got muscle imbalances holding you back from reaching your full capacity.

Maybe you’ve hit a plateau and need to switch to another training modality before you can advance any further.

Lucky for you, I’ve made tons of videos on the deadlift, how to do it properly, and how to add more plates to that bar.

Below is one video from one of my famous clinics I put on at Strength Camp II.

It’s OVERFLOWING with valuable info whether you’re in the midst of trying to increase your deadlift,

coaching athletes,

or looking for ways to improve your posture.

Plus there’s a special guest featured in the video ;).

Add some plates