Grounding Camp NEW YORK

This Summer, I’m hosting Grounding Camp, an intense 3-day workshop, in New York.

We’ll be together with 100 ambitious go-getters all committed to being the strongest version of themselves.

We’ll be learning advanced skills, doing DEEP inner work, and you’ll befriend other warriors who are also committed to growing stronger.

Grounding Camp isn’t about giving you more information or knowledge.

Instead, it’s about giving you an EXPERIENCE, ripping out your weaknesses and replacing them with strength.

At Grounding Camp, you’ll discover:

  • How to CRUSH negative emotions and thoughts (and rewire your brain for positivity, confidence and success).
  • How to drop mental and emotional baggage buried deep in your unconscious.
  • How to find inner peace, trust yourself deeply and tap into your authentic self.
  • Tap into your power to achieve life-changing results (blow up your bank account and business, increase the intimacy in your relationship and take your health to the next level).
  • And much more.

I need to warn you, Grounding Camp is a difficult event.

During our three days together, we’ll be combining Bioenergetics, Dynamic Meditation, Life Mastery and group activities which will take you into the depths of yourself, shaking up the unconscious and bringing to light many things which have been buried, hidden way.

It is mentally, physically and emotionally draining. We’re going to challenge ourselves, because that’s where the growth is.

These 3-days might be the toughest emotional workout of your life.  And in return, you’ll experience the full spectrum of human energy and bliss.

I’ve made 1400+ Youtube videos showing you how to develop physical and physiological fitness.

Grounding Camp is about developing ENERGETIC STRENGTH.

It’s about giving you the mental fortitude to break through all the barriers in your life. To tap into a new level of outward SUCCESS and internal FULFILLMENT.

It’s about getting you out of the prison we call our mind, and into the JOY our bodies.

Another reason to come to Grounding Camp is to meet other ambitious people, and create lifelong friendships. I promise you will have a deep bond and sense of community with your fellow warriors you go through this experience with.

The exact dates of Grounding Camp are June 9-11th. We’ll be meeting at Camp Echo Lake, New York.

Lodging, meals and transport to and from the airport will be covered.

To keep things intimate, I’m limiting Grounding Camp to just 100 people (FYI as of today on 73 spots are available). 

We always sell out – usually within a few days – so if we want to join us at Grounding Camp I suggest you book your ticket ASAP.

If you’re serious about growth and want to join us in New York, click the link below and book your place.

So, if you even think you might be interested in attending, please visit our website (below) to get more info about Grounding Camp.

Click here to learn more about Grounding Camp

I hope to see you, in person, this June.