How To Grow BIGGER BALLS Today!

Yo! — Before I tell you all about how you can increase
the size of your “balls”, I’ll just remind you that today is
the last day for you slightly injured dudes to “Fix Your
Elbow” issues, for 50% off.

Next, after almost 3 years since tearing my biceps tendon
and giving up my professional strongman title… I am at
it again.

I have been training all year for the competition that I’ll
participate in tonight and tomorrow afternoon.

If I win, I become a professional strongman again.

If I lose, I don’t.

But here is the deal… I really don’t care.

And the reason why I don’t care about wining or losing
this particular show is because over the past 3 years I have

When most people say things like “grow some balls” OR
“have some guts”…

What they really mean to say is, “Become so attached to
ego gratification and what others think about you, that you’ll
deny your true sense of self in order to attain a superficial

THAT has nothing to do with BALLS and everything to
do with the head, brain and ego.

There is nothing “gutsy” about fulfilling pretentious, ego
gratifying dictates.

When you live from your balls, you follow your natural
instinct, disregard the fears of others and live life on your

Your energy is GROUNDED in your own sexuality, sub-
conscious and sensibility. — Not in the propping up of a
ridged, lifeless facade which is designed to reject your self
in order to please others.

I’ll compete in the lifting of 320 pound atlas stones, carrying
of an 800 pound yoke and 600 pound farmers bars this
weekend — because my BALLS feel good when I do it.

Lifting heavy things is rooted in my body… I do it because
it is pleasurable. Not to win a trophy, prove my worth or
stroke my fragile ego.

So, how do you grow BIGGER BALLS?

By shutting out the noise and confusion of other peoples
ideas and the dictates of your ego — AND listening to what
your balls tell you to do.

You know your balls are growing when you feel alive and
RELAXED in the activity you are doing.

Sometimes this means fixing a broken car engine or just
mowing the lawn on a Sunday afternoon.

For me… my balls grow when I lift weights, read books and
share empowering ideas with my friends through this daily
newsletter and my videos.

What makes YOUR balls grow?

When you discover the answer to that question… it is time
to drop everything else and design your life around that

Hint: It’s probably something very creative and helpful to

Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

PS – I’ll be sending regular updates and pictures of this week-
ends competition to my Facebook Fans. If you wanna see
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