How To Grow BIGGER BALLS Today!

Yo! — Before I tell you all about how you can increase
the size of your “balls”, I’ll just remind you that today is
the last day for you slightly injured dudes to “Fix Your
Elbow” issues, for 50% off.


Next, after almost 3 years since tearing my biceps tendon
and giving up my professional strongman title… I am at
it again.

I have been training all year for the competition that I’ll
participate in tonight and tomorrow afternoon.

If I win, I become a professional strongman again.

If I lose, I don’t.

But here is the deal… I really don’t care.

And the reason why I don’t care about wining or losing
this particular show is because over the past 3 years I have

When most people say things like “grow some balls” OR
“have some guts”…

What they really mean to say is, “Become so attached to
ego gratification and what others think about you, that you’ll
deny your true sense of self in order to attain a superficial

THAT has nothing to do with BALLS and everything to
do with the head, brain and ego.

There is nothing “gutsy” about fulfilling pretentious, ego
gratifying dictates.

When you live from your balls, you follow your natural
instinct, disregard the fears of others and live life on your

Your energy is GROUNDED in your own sexuality, sub-
conscious and sensibility. — Not in the propping up of a
ridged, lifeless facade which is designed to reject your self
in order to please others.

I’ll compete in the lifting of 320 pound atlas stones, carrying
of an 800 pound yoke and 600 pound farmers bars this
weekend — because my BALLS feel good when I do it.

Lifting heavy things is rooted in my body… I do it because
it is pleasurable. Not to win a trophy, prove my worth or
stroke my fragile ego.

So, how do you grow BIGGER BALLS?

By shutting out the noise and confusion of other peoples
ideas and the dictates of your ego — AND listening to what
your balls tell you to do.

You know your balls are growing when you feel alive and
RELAXED in the activity you are doing.

Sometimes this means fixing a broken car engine or just
mowing the lawn on a Sunday afternoon.

For me… my balls grow when I lift weights, read books and
share empowering ideas with my friends through this daily
newsletter and my videos.

What makes YOUR balls grow?

When you discover the answer to that question… it is time
to drop everything else and design your life around that

Hint: It’s probably something very creative and helpful to

Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

PS – I’ll be sending regular updates and pictures of this week-
ends competition to my Facebook Fans. If you wanna see
how things are shaping up… be sure to “Like” my page.




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  1. Hi I didnt know where else to contact you through. I saw a video of your bow exercise. Having recently learnt the bow exercise myself, the simplicity with how you explained how and why the exercise works was really great. Just one quick question though. How long should one do the bow for? I usually can do it for not very long, how long could you do it for? Also the other exercise, the forward bend, where you just bend your legs and touch the floor bent over, is supposed to lengthen your entire leg muscles. Could you explain why these muscles would shorten in the first place? Thanks , was a great video, would like more like it.

  2. Yo Elliot!
    I have question with regards to one of your videos(which actually was supposed to be video series) that you placed on you tube and then deleted it,because as I assume you were discouraged by fuc…. haters.I’m talking about video about sex-very complex and interesting subject.You should not care about those haters who will not achieve anything in life as long as they stay ignorant,and closed to the wisdom that is available all around us.Instead of jerking of in front of computer,and writing stupid comments they should let you finish that series of videos and maybe they would learn from you how to master sexual energy and use it to their advantage-to achieve thing in life,I believe that was what you intended to talk about…
    I hope that you finish this subject in the future.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom…
    My life is slowly but surely changing for the better thanks to you :)
    Keep doing good work.

  3. I have no idea where to ask this question so I thought i’de just throw it up here,

    I had a question pertaining to brain plasticity and how it could potentially relate how lasting longer in bed.

    I’ve been a youtube subscriber for quite some time now, and really enjoy your videos, as well as respect your opinion on the matter of human psychology and physiology, which is why I bring this question to you. In the past few days I’ve been reading studies detailing the effects of depriving body parts of sensation, leading to the remapping of the brain away from the areas that previously provided a receptor. For example, scientists mapped the area of the brain that received signals from the pinky finger of a specific chimpanzee. Then proceeded to amputate the finger and monitor what occurred when that part of the brain was stimulated. They found that in the following weeks the next finger over took control of that region.

    Now my question is this, given that masturbation provides the brain with a very high degree of stimulation from that part of the body, would it make sense that depriving the brain of that stimulation (reduce masturbation), reduce the number of receptors that the brain will allocated to that part of the body? Resulting in a lower degree of pleasure received during sex, thereby allowing you to last longer in bed.

    I really would like to know if I’m wrong, and it would help to know where I went wrong in my conclusion. I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Post

    that is a great question…

    there are a few things i’d like to offer you.

    1. your dick is different than a pinky finger. the extension of your penis (erection) is due to a build up of sexual energy in the body. your pinky extends via a the bone.

    an erection and all sexual excitement is a BODY function, it doesn’t exist in your mind or will… that is why you can’t WILL your dick into an erection, it has to just “happen” – right?

    masturbation is a head-brain activity. you’re not actually fucking someone, you’re THINKING about fucking. So in a way your fucking your own head. you use your hand to stimulate the ejaculation but you’re really not extending yourself towards another.

    even though you jerk and spurt you are partaking of a completely different experience than when having sex with a woman. when with a woman, her energy receives you and your aggression. this interaction with another person creates an entirely different experience for your physiology… so im not sure if the two overlap in the way you describe.

    Sex and jerking, although both conclude in a similar fashion, are very different.

    2. NOW, your question kinda gives away a form of narcissism that you may be carrying. The fact that you are looking to reduce pleasure in order to “last longer” means that sex with a woman, for you, is not about the actual sharing of energy/love/pleasure… but a means for your ego to be propped up by the satisfaction of your mate.

    “if she sees that I can last long, and she orgasms then she’ll respect me more”, might be the thinking. (and thats how most of us think… even me, once ;)

    because you’re IN YOUR HEAD with the whole opperation it is no differnt than jerking off… except you’re using someone else’s body and seeking admiration in return for HER pleasure, regardless of yours.

    here is the thing you are looking for… enjoyable sexual pleasure for her AND YOURSELF, right?

    you’ll find this when you learn to let go of the mind, allow your body to open up to her both lovingly and sexually (kinda the same) and take DEEP calming breaths during intercourse which brings control over your excitation until you are ready to orgasm.

    a good book is SEXOLOGY… i forgot the author. Good luck buddy ;)


  5. dude, i stumbled across a video on youtube about breathing into your balls. i started doing this a week ago at a sugeestion of a friend and we are amazed at the difference in our behavior and the way women respond. why do this happen? do you have a site or book that explains why this works?

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