The Grow Stronger Method by Elliott Hulse

The Grow Stronger Method.  New book by Elliott Hulse.

Most athletes and bodybuilders fail to reach their true athletic potential due to a lack of PURE MAXIMAL STRENGTH.

Real strength training emphasizes building an efficient nervous system and the creation of new, dry muscle fiber growth called “myofibrillar hypertrophy”.

STRENGTH is the foundation upon which all dense muscle building, speed, power and athleticism is built.

The best way to build this kind of muscle and strength is with a simple, low volume, high intensity training program that focuses on a handful of core barbell lifts and functional bodyweight movements.

The Grow Stronger Method is the bare bones, framework upon which I build ALL strength & conditioning and muscle building workouts.

This simple system, requires no complicated math equations. All you need is a single barbell set and chin up bar.

Get ready to construct a stronger, more athletic physique from the foundation up!


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  1. Simple, to the point and fun. With the right eating, you can either cut or lean bulk with this method which also makes it flexible and allows for growing stronger. Elliot, if I may ask you to write more on the central nervous system and how it feeds the whole strength system. I am really interested in this topic. For example, myofibrillar hypertrophy is dry muscle or as I like to call it functional muscle… would there be any benefit aside from aesthetics in sarcoplasmic growth? Just a thought, but wouldn’t increased fluid give more conduction of electricity, therefore enhancing the pathways for the central nervous system to react more proficiently? Hope that makes sense. Not that I like puffy balloon muscle, but I really want to know your thoughts on this.

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