The Grow Stronger Method (free give away)

Hey! – I’m putting the final touches on
“The Grow Stronger Method” this weekend…

…so it should be ready for you by early next week.

Anyway, check this out…

Although I put food in my four children’s mouths
with the money I earn as a strength coach and e book

The fact is that I would do all of this for FREE if it were

I love training, I love coaching, I love teaching and I love
creating new e books and workout programs for you.

But what I love most about all of those things is seeing
all of the great results that people get with my support.

In many ways THAT is the greatest payment of all.

It was only a few short months ago that I was living in
financial hardship.

I was in serious debt…

I had to foreclose on my home…

and my bank account was in “the red” several times a month.

But today things are a little different.

Because of you, my clients and other customer… I now
live with relative comfort.

I am far, far far from being a millionaire or anything like

…but I can pay my bills, put food on the table and even take
my family on a nice summer vacation next week.

The reason why I tell you this is because now that things
are going well for me — I want to “give back”.

I am going to give away my new book, The Grow Stronger
Method for FREE.

And there is no limit to how many free copies I will give

I’d give away 1,000 free copies IF 1,000 people EARN it.

Oh yea… you’ve got to earn it. (it’s easy though)

You didn’t think I’d just throw it at you without even a tiny
little effort on your part… did you? :)

So, here is THE SIMPLE way that you’ll earn a free copy
of The Grow Stronger Method.

**STEP 1**

All you have to do is make me a short (1-2 minute) video
using your iPhone, FlipCam, computer camera, etc…

And in this video just talk about how I may have helped
you become a stronger version of yourself through my
newsletter, other books, videos, Facebook updates, etc.

Since I told you that the best payment is learning about how
YOU are becoming A Stronger Version Of Yourself though
my support…

…I will accept your video as full payment for a copy of my
new book.

Just tell me how you’re lifting more weight now…

…or how you have lost weight.

…or how you’ve gained 12 pounds of muscle.

…or how you’re more confidant in yourself now.

…or how you’ve decided to become a coach because of me.

I want to know about ANY success in your life and in the
gym that you’ve experienced because of something I shared
with you.

**STEP 2**

Upload the video to your YouTube channel with the title
“Thank You Elliott Hulse”.

If you don’t have a YouTube channel, make one. Its free
and easy to use. Just go to YouTube.com

**STEP 3**

Send the video to me in an e mail to elliotthelp@gmail.com
by MIDNIGHT on Sunday (July 15th).

The e mail subject should also say “Thank You Elliott”.

Also make sure the video privacy settings is set to “public”
so that I can view it and share it with others too.

That’s it.

Do this simple favor for me and I’ll send you a copy of my new
book right away.

The video does NOT have to be perfect.

It just needs to be sincere.

I love helping you.

And I love hearing about your success.

The deadline is Sunday at midnight… so go get started now!

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse




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  1. I would you send me a free copy of you the Grow stronger methed .You canplease send me a copy of your encouragement to keep losing some weight.

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