Why YOU must Grow Stronger… now!

Last week I mentioned a book about The Spartan
warrior culture that I am reading called “Gates
Of Fire”.

An interesting thing about the Spartan was that
every single boy was trained to fight in their army.

The entire culture revolved around courage, strength
and WAR. Therefore, a great deal of a man’s value
lie in his ability to fight, kill or die without fear.

Today, in our culture, things are much different.

Unless you play sports, you are rarely provoked into
courageously using your body as a weapon of warfare

And even if you ARE in the military, the technology
we have at our disposal doesn’t require the type of
physical strength that our ancestors needed.

They killed men with their bare hands, we kill with
guns and drones.


I’m not saying that one is better than the other, it’s just
a statement of the obvious.

We don’t NEED to be as strong as our ancestors.

Food lines our supermarket walls, we drive in cars, we have
all of our medical needs quickly met, and jobs that require
physical labor are of the least paid and least valued in our

So why do you want to GROW STRONGER?

If you can’t tell… I love history. Especially the history
of mankind’s evolution on this planet.

As a race (interesting that we call ourselves a “race”) we
are ever more rapidly moving towards some unknown

I am personally less interested in why we are “racing” and
where we are going, than much of the wisdom that has been
lost in this race.

I am fascinated by the ideas, foods, and habits that helped
our ancestors propel us into the “Golden Age” that we are
just NOW entering.

The reason why I say we must GROW STRONGER is so
that we can carry the ancient virtues such as courage,
commitment and discipline into future generations that
might otherwise have forgotten them completely.

In fact, some would argue that we have ALREADY
forgotten these virtues…. and with one look at your average
high school boy, in comparison to the average Spartan boy,
it would be hard to disagree with him.

We GROW STRONGER, not for ourselves.

Not so that we look sexy on the beach.

Not to win posing contests.

Not even to win brute strength competitions.

We GROW STRONGER for our children, and our children’s

We GROW STRONGER for all of mankind; from the age of
the Spartan to the “advanced” civilizations ahead.

We GROW STRONGER so that we never forget what real
strength is.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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