This guy is talking shit! (explicit video)

Before I share today’s “shit talking” video with you I just want
to remind you to grab your Strength Geek T Shirt for our
contest (only if you’re really a Strength Geek like me).

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Next, it seems like my outrageous and thought provoking
presentation at The Underground Strength Conference
earlier this month is still resonating with many people.

I was honored to meet one of the most successful and well
respected trainers in the world, Dax Moy, at the conference.

I’m even more honored that he enjoyed my presentation
so much that he decided to make this video about it.

He gives away my idea about creating your own “shit”.

You’ll have to watch the video to understand what I mean.

See it here:

2 Upcoming LIVE Events To Hear Elliott “Talk Shit” ;)

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Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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  1. Yo Elliott!
    I have a quick question about creatine. I’m in highschool and play on us football and lacrosse team and I have trouble building size and muscle. Right now coming off of an injury I am about 5’9 150lb. Would you recommend that I start using creatine with my workouts? Also, you said in your creatine FAQ’s that athletes under the age of 16 should use a creatine other than Hypergain Creatine. If you do reccomend that I start using creatine what type or brand of creatine would you recommend for maximum results. Thanks, love your videos!

    Chris S.

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