Best Gymnastics Rings Exercise (this is TOUGH)

Last weekend I went camping with my family so
I obviously couldn’t train with barbells, like I
usually do.

So I brought along a set of “gymnastics rings”.

You may have seen these things hanging from the
ceiling of my gym in my YouTube videos.

These are pretty cool because you basically use
them anywhere.

I just attached them to the playground equipment
at the campsite and went to work.

To start off… I did some of your typical exercises
like dips and chin ups. But at the end of each
workout I added a really tough exercise that builds
crazy core strength.

It’s called a “Front Lever”.

This is where you hang from the rings with your
body held out parallel to the floor.

Check this dude out:

(I don’t personally know this guy, but he has some
sick core strength)

Now, I have been practicing this move on and off
for a few months now… but have yet to hold it for
longer than a few seconds.

The way you build up to this is by using some of the
“tuck lever” exercises I mention in my Grow Stronger
Method book.

Just add a few minutes of practice at the end of
your workout.

I think you should practice gymnastics exercises like
this all year round.

Most of the time we just train with barbells, and this
is fine.

But adding exercises like the lever and handstands also
trains the nervous system to produce more force, making
you stronger all around.

And these exercises train the core and posture unlike
anything else I’ve ever done. There really is no
substitutes for this kind of work.

Even if you don’t have rings you can start training on
a chin up bar like the guy in the picture above… although,
I really like using the rings instead.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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