Hard Core Gymnastics Training (Raising The Bar)

Hey, this week I have been sharing ideas and answering questions about my new book The Grow Stronger Method.

As you know, the ONLY objective for training with the GS method is to GROW STRONGER.

There are two distinct methods that we use to develop this strength.

First, is barbell training. — this is what most of us have been doing for many years and are very familiar with the benefits of developing our ability to press, squat and dead lift more.

What make The GSM unique is the type of parameter we use.  I’ve spoken about this all week, so I’ll spare you the details for now.  (if you want you can read about it on the comments section here also)

The second method we use in our daily GROW STRONGER workout is…

“Hard Core Gymnastics Training”

We aim to develop two main gymnastics moves in order to build greater “tension strength” throughout our entire body.

I have found that NOTHING builds greater kinesthetic, full body awareness and strength than LEAVER and HANDSTAND progressions.

When I started using these moves in my workouts my main objective was to maintain a functional level of relative body strength.  You can not get too big and heavy, yet maintain your ability to hold the “leaver” position.

To be honest, I am still working my ass off to get better at these moves.

This is why I asked Al Kavadlo, author of Raising The Bar, to answer a few questions for me while I was developing The GSM.

Al is a chin up bar magician!

Good news for you… I recorded our interview so that you can learn from Al, how to develop crazy core strength using nothing more than your body weight and a bar.

I referenced Al quite a bit in The Grow Stronger Method book since I am not considered an expert in this area.  So, if you like what he’s talking about here and you plan on using my GSM then you might want to grab a copy of his book Raising The Bar also.

Raising The Bar by Al Kavaldo


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  1. loving your emphasis on gymnastic’s now Elliott, I remember when i first found you and I loved your strength and knowledge (I learned a lot!) but I did wonder why you didn’t perform calisthenics considering it’s benefits, so I think its awesome that you ‘found the light’ and approached them seriously (unlike in the past as you noted)

  2. i really enjoyed the topic with al kavadlo sounds very interesting !I have limited gym recources at the mo having just moved into a very small town so i could see this being something i could try and eventually do with my young son as its only body weight without the stress of actually adding weight would that be ok for a young boys body too?looks llike the core takes hell of a pounding looks great

  3. Hulse, you’re awsome!!
    I admire your knowledge, passion for strength, work in the field and inspiration. Thanks.

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