what I HATE most about you!

From time-to-time, I try and make an honest assessment of

This means that I step back and look at myself as someone else
might see me. The point of this exercise is NOT to mold my
character into a spineless, pacifying, pleaser.

But instead, to remain somewhat objective about myself so as to
not become attached to any of the different roles I play in life.

I try to see all of the distasteful and unresourceful things about
my character that I don’t personally like, and which others may
find hurtful.

Arrogance, self-centeredness, foul language, and impatience with
others tops the list. stronger pic 261

In the same way, I also make an honest assessment of the positive
qualities in my character.

Passionate, courageous, creative, care-free and inspirational are
at the top of the list of my best traits.


I’m sharing this with you for two reasons.

Firstly, I think it is a great practice that everyone who is on the
journey of Growing Stronger should participate in.

I invite you to try it. — You might even want to find a good
(honest) friend to help you see yourself a little more clearly.

Secondly, I want you to see how imperfect I am.

Its easy to watch someone from a distance, like on YouTube, and
imagine just how super-human this person must be in real-life.

But the fact is that I am just like you.

I am on the same journey of Growing Stronger that you are on. I just
happened to have a big mouth and love talking about it on camera.

I also happen to study the process in great depth and enjoy sharing
the ideas that I learn, discover, or are trying out, with you.

This DOES NOT make me some sort of a “guru” or master.

It just means that I like speaking with you about your journey and
offering unique perspectives on how to handle the challenges you’re
facing along the way.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to deadlift more weight; develop
a deeper voice; build your own business; fix your posture, or build
up the courage to ask a beautiful woman out for dinner.

These are ALL matters of strength.

The choices you make in regards to these issues will either bring
you closer to the Strongest Version Of Yourself, or farther away.

Growing Stronger means EVERYTHING about you grows stronger,
not just your biceps or grip. Everything.

Maslow calls this “The Self-Actualized Man”.

I call it the “Strongest Version Of You.”

When we meet in February at the next Yo Elliott Live in San Diego,
you will bring me the biggest challenge facing you on your journey.

And I will open up the floodgates of my mind and heart, to offer you
what I feel may be the most resourceful way of SEEING your

My “advice” is not a statement about Right and Wrong.

What I offer you is simply a unique idea that might help you see
something that you may have missed; to give you confirmation
that what your heart is feeling is true; or encouragement to take

That’s all.

I approach you humbly, and as a servant who knows that his work
is not just for himself… but as an offering to the greater good for
those he loves.

Looking forward to serving you in San Diego :)


Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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