How to Heal Your Childhood Wounds

They say that men fall in love with a woman who is like their mother, and vice versa for the ladies.

This is an example of your childhood having a significant impact on your life today.

However, let’s take this idea much deeper.

What if you’re taking actions to this day, based on emotional wounds you received as a child?

Let me give a few examples.

Have you ever been in a fight with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, and gotten into a HUGE fight.

The type of fight where you’re pissed off and angry for the rest of the day.

It sucks, right?

Well, here’s the thing.

What if only 10% of your anger has anything to do with the fight. What if the other 90% of your anger is repressed emotion coming to the surface?

In other words, when you get deeply triggered and strong negative emotions are flowing through your body, 90% of that emotion is just repressed emotion from our past coming up.

90% of your upset has NOTHING to do with whatever you think you’re upset about.

So if you’re fighting or getting triggered a lot in your relationship, maybe you don’t need counseling. Maybe you need to heal those emotional wounds and get that repressed emotion out of your body!

Here’s another example to explain this deeper.

When we’re children, we’re told in subtle ways that our emotions are “wrong”.

  • When we’re toddlers and we get angry and throw a temper tantrum, our parents scold us and tell us to be quiet… So we repress all of that anger.
  • When we’re of school age and we begin to cry we’re told to stop. Especially for men. Our father’s tell us stories like “crying is for little girls”… And so we repress our tears and sadness.
  • When we’re happy, excited, and laughing our asses off as kids, we get told not to be so loud. To act respectable and stop laughing so loud in public. We get told to calm down… and so we repress our laughter and happiness.

In each of these situations we repress our emotions. We use our muscular system to do this.

We hold back our tears by clenching our jaw, biting our lips and tightening the muscles in our neck.

We hold back our anger by squeezing our hands, arms and chest.

We hold back our sadness by tightening our bellies, chest and neck.

As we use our muscular system to hold back our emotions – to keep them trapped inside – we develop what is called “muscular armoring”.

Muscular armoring is the physical manifestation of repressed emotion. And it’s built up in our bodies since we were young.

We cannot keep this emotion trapped in our bodies. If we do, we’ll be depressed. We’ll be unhappy. We’ll be frustrated.

We can never be the strongest version of ourselves until we let go of these negative emotions.

In biblical times, they’d talk about how you need to get the demons out of you.

This is no different. Your repressed negative emotions are your demons.

It’s time for this cycle to end.

If you’re ready, I’d like to invite you to join us at Grounding Camp this Summer.

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We’re going to dig deeply into the uncomfortable parts of who you are, and who you’re being.

At Grounding Camp, you’ll get the tools you need to heal your emotions from the inside out.

You’ll learn how to get those years of repressed emotion and muscular armoring out of your body.

You’ll be exposed to the shadow aspects of what keeps you small – and learn to overcome it.

We’ll be using dance, music and mediation. There will be laughter, anger and maybe some tears.

You’re hands will be dirty as we dig into the depths of our being in order to discover all that we are, and all that we can be.

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– Elliott