The Heartbeat In Your Muscle

On the journey of growing stronger, HOW you do things
is often more important than WHAT you do.

For example…

If you choose to follow the most scientifically sound and
detailed training routine, designed by the most brilliant
exercise physiologist on Earth…

…but while you’re doing the workouts your mind is wrapped
up in who won the football game, or if your girlfriend is
cheating on you — your workouts will be in vain.

In contrast, if you scrape together a crappy workout routine by
watching your big brother and his friends goofing off with
the cheap barbell set in your backyard…

…but you infuse each and every repetition of the workout
with all of you mindful attentiveness and concentration,
you will no doubt build a stronger body.

It is not about WHAT you do in these situations, it is all
HOW you did it.

This is why I am not attached to any particular fitness
philosophy or dogma.

I couldn’t care less if you used my workout routines, such
as Lean Hybrid Muscle and The Grow Stronger Method

…or if you follow someone else’s program.

Whatever path you choose, it is paramount that all of
your focus and attention is zoned in on it — 100%.

Here is a simple method that I taught my students who
attended the Yo Elliott Live event in NYC last weekend.

I call it “The Heartbeat Method”.


Just like you beat your heart with systolic and diastolic
pressures, which if you stop, you die…

…Focus ONLY on the mindful execution of two things.

If you need to lose weight, just focus on walking daily
and drinking water.

If you need to gain weight, focus on eating a calorie
surplus and a simple weightlifting routine.

That’s it!

Don’t think about anything else.

There are 10,000 things that you can become distracted
by. Different methods for training, different diets, etc.

Just pick two things, and like the beating of your heart,

This simple method of boiling activities down to only
two habits has changed my life, my body, and my business
in so many ways.

Shut out EVERYTHING else, and focus on your two things.

The two things don’t have to be sexy or perfect.

But they have to be done with focus and concentration.

Do this and you will grow stronger, no matter what.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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