Heavy Singles 10 x 1 (no rest in between)

No… “Heavy Singles” is not the name of a new
dating website for fat people.

In weightlifting terms “singles” are reps performed
only once.

And “heavy singles” means you’re gonna lift as
heavy as you can for each one of the 10 sets in the
workout I’m about to share with you.

You know that I often follow a 6 x 1 of heavy singles
on my major lifts once a month.

I also take ample rest in between sets in order to come
back strong for the next one.

But since I’ve been reading books and reports by other
guys who love heavy lifting and “power-building” as
much as I do…

…I’ve learned a few things.

First, according to Mike Mentzer’s advanced Heavy
Duty training methods you can continuously lift heavy
singles and use what he calls a “rest pause” in between

This simply means that you rest for no more than 15
seconds before trying to max out again. Of course
you might need to lower the weight a bit for the
second go-round.

One of the chapters in my 5 Hybrid Powerlifting
Workouts book features former pro bodybuilder
Steve Davis’ 6-week power training routine.

Basically, for the first 2 weeks of this cycle he tells
readers to perform 10 sets of 1 rep maxes…

…with only enough rest in between to change the

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that these guys
are on to something.

Lifting heavy is something that ALL bodybuilders
should include in their programs at some point.

If all you’ve ever done is lift in the 8-15 rep range,
and would like to get started on a power-building
routine for getting bigger and stronger…

…then you might enjoy the 5 Hybrid Powerlifting
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Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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